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December 7, 2022

This Mazda MX-5 Completed A 1,600-km Road Trip Using Sustainable Fuel

With their Multi-Solution Approach towards carbon neutrality, Mazda isn’t giving up on combustion fuels just yet. Aside from their bio-diesel research, the Japanese automaker has now managed to complete a benchmark using a completely production standard Mazda MX-5 fueled by 100 percent sustainable road fuel.

Using Sustain—a 100 percent sustainable fuel made from agricultural waste such as straw, by-products, and waste from crops, a 184-horsepower MX-5 traveled some 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) around the UK with stops at three racing circuits. The sportscar’s performance, economy, and engine character was unchanged.

Recognizing that electrification isn’t the only solution to carbon neutrality, Mazda thinks sustainable fuel can play a role in de-carbonizing both road and racing cars.

Elsewhere, another example of Mazda’s promotion of advanced second-generation bio-fuels via motorsport is the Mazda2 that competes in the Super Taikyu Endurance Series in Japan. The Mazda2 is powered by a 100 percent biodiesel made from used cooking oil and microalgae fats. Partnered with Japanese company Euglena, who’s aim is to produce biodiesel commercially by 2025, their next-generation biodiesel is created using biomass such as plants and microalgae. As they absorb CO2 when growing, the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is neutral when you drive with this fuel. For the 2023 season however, Mazda is developing a new race car based on the Mazda3 that has a more powerful engine but will continue to be powered by the same biodiesel.

Aside from researching sustainable bio-fuels and rolling out increasingly electrified vehicles, Mazda is also seeking to develop the internal combustion engine further. These improvements include the Skyactiv-X Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) gasoline engine and Distribution-Controlled Partially Premixed Compression Ignition (DCPCI) diesel engine.

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