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October 14, 2021

Honda To Debut 360-Degree Driver Assist Tech In 2022

Honda’s suite of advanced driver assist technologies is getting an upgrade. With the aim of reducing traffic collision fatalities in their cars and motorcycles to zero by 2050, the carmaker has enhanced its Honda SENSING system to have omnidirectional range (the current one only scans the front and back). The new system, called Honda SENSING 360 will debut in China first by 2022, and will be rolled out globally soon thereafter.

Honda SENSING 360 realizes 360-degree range by adding a total of five units of millimeter-wave radar in front and at each corner of the vehicle, in addition to the monocular camera found in the current Honda SENSING system. This expanded sensing range covers blind spots around the vehicle which are difficult for the driver to visually check.

Key features of the Honda SENSING 360 include an advanced version of the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) which will have a broader range of detection; Front Cross Traffic Warning, Lane Change Collision Mitigation which avoids collisions with a vehicle in the adjacent lane approaching from behind; and Active Lane Change Assist and Cornering Speed Assist which allows the vehicle to switch lanes and adjust vehicle speed through corners using the Adaptive Cruise Control.

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