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October 28, 2021

Chevrolet Says All-New 2022 Trailblazer Is A Sign Of Its Evolving Customers

Chevrolet gamely welcomed its 13th year in the Philippines by launching not one, but two new vehicles: the Chevy Tracker and the Trailblazer. While the Tracker takes its spot in the small crossover SUV category, the Trailblazer holds its place in the compact SUV segment as the iconic growth model for the brand. Since the introduction of the Chevrolet Trailblazer nameplate in 2001, the model has been known for its all-American masculinity, boasting of a sturdy, dominant image. Times have changed, however, and as the market for the compact SUV category evolved to be more refined and subdued, so did the Trailblazer.

According to Chevrolet Philippines, the Trailblazer has grown up. While its size may have changed from the previous SUVs to carry the name, they say its all about evolving with the needs and wants of its customers. Taking a cue from its loyal consumer base of around 30,000 current Trailblazer owners, the brand has learned that not only has the market’s aesthetic taste evolved, but so has its habits.

The new persona of the Trailblazer owner is part of an entirely fresh spectrum. This is the kind of individual who has a created a life for himself, someone who has upgraded and uplifted his standard of living, and requires a vehicle that can complement the requirements of this new life stage that he is entering. This is the kind of person that has arrived, on his own terms and by his own means. This is what the all-new Chevrolet Trailblazer aims to be—a partner that can complement your transition and evolution from life stage to life stage.

On the design-front, it has evolved from its previously macho, expansive demeanor to a more polished and refined structure, responding to the modern minimalist taste. Beginning with the Camaro-inspired front fascia, you get that signature sporty Chevy feel, but less of the imposing attitude. The same streamlined element follows through on the sleek headlight accent bar and elegant roofline. Following through inside the cabin, passengers can expect premium, luxe details, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, and a jet-black leather interior with contemporary white stitching, among others.

The modern Chevrolet owner is also one who is aware of real-world situations and one of them is how the health of his family (and those around him) is paramount. That’s why one of the key features in the all-new Trailblazer is an automatic HVAC with Air Moisture Sensor and an A/C Cabin Pollen Filter. While these do not battle viruses, it helps to keep the cabin fresher and alleviates breathing discomfort.

Safety and connectivity are a must for the modern driver and supporting his lifestyle means being equipped with the latest driving technology. Apart from the standard 3-point seatbelts and 6 airbags, the Trailblazer is also equipped with 4-eye camera rear sensors, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, following distance indicator, rear cross traffic alert, and other cutting-edge driving assist systems. For hands-free in-cabin entertainment, the Chevrolet Trailblazer features a standard 8-inch MyLink infotainment system where you can easily connect your devices via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto.

Having been in the Philippines for 13 years means that Chevrolet has pretty much grown with an entire generation. As it follows, the Trailblazer did, too. As its nameplate connotes, this was a model that blazed a trail for Chevrolet. Today, it’s a model that enters into its own new life stage; all grown-up, more refined, opening up a new path for the brand in a market that has likewise evolved into a more discerning and practical generation.

Words by Gen Tiu.


  1. No amount of marketing material can change that this is a sub-compact SUV not CUV. Chevy's CUV is the equinox (RAV4, CRV size). Trailblazer is an in betweener ala CX-30 & Seltos.

    Chevy must be up to something with the concluded Korea FTA, hopefully a price cut for this trailblazer so it can properly compete.

  2. This small engine with small Turbo are trending and its a bit overpriced for a small SUV. I think it's priced around P1.6M


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