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October 22, 2021

Heads-Up! Toyota Motor PH To Launch Fortuner GR Sport And Hilux GR Sport On October 23

Forget all the leaks, speculations, and what have you. Toyota Motor Philippines is finally launching the first-ever Hilux GR Sport and Fortuner GR Sport on Saturday, October 23.

Viewers can join fun games and prizes, see the new GR Sport models up close, and catch Toyota Gazoo Racing Ambassador Marlon Stockinger take Toyota’s  newest heart-thrilling models for a spin.


  1. There's nothing Sportiness with the Hilux and Fortuner GR trim. It's just a name. Better Choose FORD Ranger Raptor. It's reputation precedes it and true to it's name.

  2. What is the cost diffeetence b/w the hilux and raptor now?


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