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October 26, 2021

Mandatory Vehicle Inspections To Return When PMVICs Reach Critical Mass Says DOTr Chief

The Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) project of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) isn’t dead. It’s just hibernating. This was revealed by DOTr Secretary Art Tugade no less.

In a statement he reiterated, “The mandatory inspection of vehicles in PMVICs prior to registration remains suspended until and unless we have achieved critical mass of population of PETCs and PMVICs. Let the customer and the riding public decide, and let it become an interplay of marketing efforts between PETC and PMVIC. But it must be underscored, standards must be complied with.”

When asked that this critical mass is, the DOTr, meanwhile, had a fairly vague answer: “[Critical mass is achieved] once the number of PMVICs is enough to cover road worthiness inspection of motor vehicles all throughout the country.”

For the record, a total of 138 PMVIC sites were identified by the DOTr for their initial batch. A second batch of 209 will be slated to open soon across the Philippines.

The DOTr’s recent statement is pretty vague to say the least, but one thing’s for certain: PMVICs will live on another day, and it could be Art Tugade’s parting gift to Philippine motorists when he finishes his term in 2022.


  1. Tugade really wants to fulfill his commitment to his benefactors by enforcing these PMVICs even if it's detrimental to old model vehicle owners.

  2. Atat naba mga kapitalistang mukhang pera Mr Tugade?

  3. Yung mga t@ng@ng proud na proud sa PMVIC kasi di naman daw nalalayo ang presyo sa PETC. Antayin nyong ibalik ang regular inspection at reinspection fee nyan, magigising din kayo.

  4. Parting gift? Maliit pa lang ang fee dahil pandemic pagkatapos balik 1800 inspection at 600 reinspection fee. At tataas pa sa mga susunod na taon. Good luck Pilipinas. Salamat Tugade.

  5. Require it for commercial vehicles like trucks and buses or any vehicles more than 4500 kg GVW. Make it even twice a year if vehicle is more than 10 years old.

    Larger/heavier vehicles will cause much more damages to properties and loss of lives when involved in an accident as compared to hatch or sedan.

  6. Sa totoo lang.... madami naman talagang sasakyan na hindi na road worthy pero ginagamit pa din. Tanungin nyo sarili nyo.... pag nagdrive ka sa gabi... hindi ba at ang daming mga walang ilaw sa likod ng sasakyan na mabubulaga ka nalang na meron pala....


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