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March 8, 2023

900,000th Chery Tiggo 2 Pro Rolls Off Production Line; Ranked Highest In Vehicle Quality

The Chery Tiggo 2 Pro is celebrating two milestones to start 2023. The first has to do with an important production milestone, and the second has to do with its stellar build quality.

As 2022 ended, Chery reports that its 900,000th Tiggo 2 Pro rolled off the assembly line. A big hit among many global markets such as Chile and Saudi Arabia, it has helped propel Chery’s sales to a 28.2 percent growth. Moreover, out of the 3.111 million units exported to global markets, Chery exported 452,000—ranking first among Chinese brands for the 20th consecutive year. One out of every seven vehicles exported by China in 2022 was a Chery.

Going back to the Tiggo 2 Pro, as demand continues to remain strong, Chery says they expect it to breach the 1 million production milestone this year.

More than just production numbers, the Tiggo 2 Pro is ranked the highest in J.D. Power’s China Vehicle Dependability Study or VDS. The study examines how vehicles perform in terms of quality, component replacement, and appeal after three years of ownership.

The Tiggo 2 Pro climbed up from first runner-up in 2020 to being the top-ranked small SUV in 2021. In the J.D. Power China VDS Study, the Tiggo 2 Pro had 103 PP100 (Problems Per 100 vehicles) leading the Haval H2s in second with 127 PP100 and the Baojun 560 in third at 130 PP100. Two of its Philippine market rivals, the Changan CS35 is in 5th (135 PP100), while the JAC S3 is in 6th (144 PP100).

According to Chery, the success of vehicles such as the Tiggo 2 Pro is down to their decision to integrate a global pool of talent, technology, and supply chain. It has also led them to keep abreast of preference of young consumers—the primary market of the Tiggo 2 Pro.

As such, the Tiggo 2 Pro features a fashionable appearance, backed up by a practical body style and spacious interior. The 2,555 mm wheelbase, for example, enables it to fit up to five adults in comfort, while the 420-liter trunk space can be used for a variety of needs from shopping to camping.

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  1. 103 problems per 100 vehicles is nothing to be proud of. It just shows how far Chinese cars are still behind European and Japanese cars.


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