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March 12, 2023

This Is The World's Safest Child Seat

babyark says they’ve come up with the world’s safest child seat with the help of military grade tech and the design genius of Frank Stephenson.

Responsible for the design of some of the most iconic BMWs, Ferraris, McLarens, and Minis, Stephenson is now into industrial design under his self-named Frank Stephenson Design. It’s here where babyark, an innovative child safety tech company, approached him to design and engineer a child seat that meets the highest standards of safety. The result is one using unique impact absorbing technology, advanced materials (including carbon fiber), and a comprehensive connected sensor system.

Stephenson says his design, his first children’s product, drew inspiration from the worlds of performance cars and aerospace engineering. The shape itself has the integrity and simplicity of an egg, and is shaped like a pod that retains not just structural integrity during impact, but happens to be ergonomically sound as well.

From there, the babyark is built using military grade, energy-absorbing technology and a carbon fiber frame. The seat’s “SafeCoil” steel-based shock absorption system gently slows the seat forward momentum at a safe and controlled rate. The seat is also geared with a unique “BioArk” side impact protection, biomimicking the woodpecker’s unique plate-like bone natural protection system. Accelerometers and gyroscopes within the seat can record the force of any crash and notify users whether the seat can be reused.

As such, 14 integrated sensors are found in the seat’s base and constantly monitor a wide range of parameters. babyark signals to the caregiver if the seat is properly installed, and in addition via smartphone app it signals to the caregiver if the child passenger is properly buckled.

The price for the so-called world’s safest child seat? A whopping USD 1,190 (P 65,664).

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