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March 10, 2023

5 Things You Need To Know About Omoda

When it comes to car brand names, Omoda is probably as mysterious as they come. As the new brand is set to enter the market in the latter half of 2023, here are some things you should probably know:

#1. It’s a Chinese Car Brand

Though the name, Omoda sounds Japanese or Korean, this car brand’s actually from China. It is a part of the Chery Automobile Group which also includes the Tiggo (known as the Chery Tiggo locally), Arrizo, Exceed, and Jetour brands.

#2. What’s in a Name

As for the name itself, the “O” Omoda indicates surprise, positivity, and energy. It also is derived from the symbol of Oxygen, a necessary element of life. On the other hand, “Moda” is patterned after the word, “Modern.” With that, Omoda is promising the deliver vehicles with a heavy focus on sleek exterior styling and high-tech features.

#3. Dedicated to the Youthful and Trendy

In terms of positioning, Omoda is directed towards the youthful and trendy driver. With that, Omoda’s Global Research and Development team conducted over a thousand researches in 20 countries, including the Philippines, with the intention to create a vehicle that meets the expectations from the usual SUV—and more.

#4. The First Product: Omoda 5

The first product to be introduced to the Philippines is the Omoda 5. This compact SUV is a true crossover in that it integrates characteristics from different vehicle categories: MPV (space), SUV (comfort), and sedan (handling).

It will come with dual 10.25-inch screens, the latest-generation human-machine interface, and an advanced driver assist system with 16 various functions.

#5. Coming Soon

Omoda will formally launch in the Philippines in the latter part of 2023 with the Omoda 5 serving as their introductory product. It will soon be joined by another brand, occupying the same showroom space: Jaecoo.


  1. Looks like a komodo D

  2. Will bring for MG Comet EV in the Philippines


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