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March 28, 2023

Your New Mazda Will Be Produced Using Renewable Energy

Your brand-new Mazda is produced, in part, by renewable energy as the carmaker finalized an “offsite corporate power purchase agreement” or PPA with the Chugoku Electric Power to use solar power for the carmaker’s assembly lines in Japan. The use of solar power in its vehicle production will help Mazda achieve its carbon neutrality goals.

Under the PPA, Mazda together with electric power producer Choshu Industry will install new solar power generation facilities on unused land in the Chugoku Region. These facilities will generate electricity which will then be sold to Chugoku Electric Power. In turn, Mazda and one of its suppliers, Toyo Seat, will use the electricity for its manufacturing and assembly.

The agreement, which is the first offsite corporate PPA involving more than one electric power consumer, will supply approximately 4,900 kW in renewable energy. These arrangements are expected to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 2,610 tons for both of Mazda’s and Toyo Seat’s operations.

The operation of the solar power generation facility is expected to start by next month.

Mazda, which aims to become carbon neutral throughout its supply chain by 2050 and at their assembly plants throughout the world by 2035, first began using renewable energy on site in July 2021. The solar panels installed at their Hiroshima assembly plant produces 1.1 megawatts and is used directly in the manufacture of its vehicles as well as the charging of its EVs.

In the Philippines, the Mazda Center of Excellence (MCOE) generates its own electric power using 270 solar panels. Excess electricity may be transferred to the grid and drawn back at nighttime for use. MCOE also harvests rainwater that is used to wash vehicles before delivery and also for general housekeeping of the facility.

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  1. I think Mazda needs to install solar panels on its cars soon.


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