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September 1, 2023

Nissan Bohol's Enhanced Dealership Is First To Focus On Aftersales Service

Nissan Philippines announces the expansion and enhancement of the Nissan Bohol dealership. This endeavor is a testament to the successful partnership between Nissan Philippines and Nissan Cebu Distributors, Inc., which was initiated in 2011 under the leadership of Peter Yap.

Guided by the leadership of General Manager Julie Tio and Branch Manager Rupert Castrodes, Nissan Bohol has achieved remarkable strides in recent years, making it a key player in the automotive landscape in the region. These advancements are reflected in the dealership’s outstanding growth, including an impressive 57 percent volume increase from the previous year.

At the heart of this enhanced facility is the implementation of the Nissan Express Contact concept. As the first Nissan dealership in the Philippines to fully embrace this concept, Nissan Bohol boasts a state-of-the-art showroom and service center that highlights their dedicated focus to aftersales services. This approach ensures that customers receive swift, efficient, and top-notch service for their Nissan vehicles.

The dedication and commitment of the Nissan Bohol team have not gone unnoticed. The recent Dealer of the Year Awards (DOYA) ceremony, a major event held among Nissan’s Philippine dealerships, highlighted the exceptional performance of the Nissan Cebu Distributor group, with its well-deserved win of the Provincial Dealer of the Year Award and the prestigious Nissan Global Award.

“The Nissan Bohol dealership embodies the growth and innovation that Nissan Philippines stands for,” said Nissan Philippines President Juan Manuel Hoyos. “With our longstanding partnership and the unwavering dedication of the Nissan Cebu Distributors group, we are confident that this enhanced dealership will continue to elevate the Nissan brand and customer experience.”

Nissan Cebu Distributors, Inc. has successfully managed and expanded its dealerships, in key locations such as Nissan Cebu North and Nissan Bohol. These dealerships have played a significant role in the growth and innovation of the Nissan brand in the Philippines.

Reflecting on his journey with the Nissan Brand, Nissan Cebu Distributors Inc. President, Mr. Peter Yap said, “30 years ago, I was invited to be a part of the Nissan family. And for 30 years, we have been loyal to the Nissan brand and confident in its products and services. We look forward to more innovative products that will bring the Nissan brand to greater heights.”

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