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March 13, 2024

JMC Philippines To Offer Lifetime Engine Warranty

JMC (Jiangling Motors Corporation) is set to launch at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) happening from April 4 to 7 with the Grand Avenue and Vigus. This upcoming addition to the JMC family is the biggest offering in its segment and combines power, strength, dependability, and excitement.

The Grand Avenue has a bold grille, large headlights, and a robust stance. Plus, with its turbocharged diesel engine, it delivers a punch that resonates on the road. It’s a meticulously engineered vehicle, balancing maximum performance and fuel efficiency, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys with its robust body and suspension.

Guided by its commitment to excellence, JMC is introducing a groundbreaking Lifetime Engine Warranty. JMC is the sole brand in the country to provide this unparalleled program, solidifying its unwavering commitment not just to delivering powerful vehicles but also to ensuring enduring reliability for the long haul.

Joining the ranks in the JMC Philippines pickup lineup is the Vigus, a versatile and fuel-efficient daily driver, offering the best value, best suited for business fleet needs. It provides ample power, delivering performance, space, comfort, and style in a complete and affordable package.

“We are ready to meet the demand for cutting-edge pickups in the country. The launch of our new models brings better options into the market, offering Filipinos a choice for performance, efficiency, and comfort with the best value for money. Backed by the support of Astara Philippines, JMC is ready to kick off a prosperous journey in the Philippines.” JMC Philippines Brand Head Arlan Reyes shared.

JMC Philippines is set to officially launch its newest lineup of pickups at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) on April 4-7.


  1. Wow lifetime engine warranty! My concern is that the company or dealership in our country maybe won't last in the coming years so how can buyers use the warranty. Ang bagsak din nyan sa repair shop ni mang kanor.

  2. That's some serious bravery offering a lifetime warranty for the engine jmc phil!

  3. Lifetime head ache, pano pag bigla umalis ang brand sa pinas gaya nang maxus or 6 months bago dumating pyesa.

  4. JMC uses reworked Ford Duratorq Puma diesel engines which is great

  5. Offer lifetime warranty then go bankrupt in 10 years after paying all the shareholders/execs massive dividends/salaries. Nice try.

    1. Astara is a wealthy automobile distributor..They're way more wealthier than Autohub and Gateway,
      JMC is owned by Ford and Changan aside from having ties with Isuzu.
      JMC commercial vehicle dealerships owned by UMC are in the Philippine market for 12 years already

    2. 12 years already but nothing to show, it means its not value for money, not reliable, not durable. Jmc territory besets of so many reliablities issues. foton fare better than loser jmc

  6. When car manufacturer uses the word lifetime warranty, it means the serviceability of the car. It usually maxes out at 10 years. Same thing when euro and american cars says that their transmission fluids are sealed for life, maintenance free. Thats a lie of course.

  7. Lifetime warranty? May kapalit yan... Nothing in life is free...


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