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March 19, 2024

BAIC Returns To Philippines Under UAAGI; Previews 5-Car Line-Up

United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI) is now the official distributor of BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd.) in the Philippines. BAIC Philippines will bring in a lineup of both traditional SUVs and modern crossovers.

The launch roster consists of five models: the B40 Ragnar, B80 Wagon, and B60 Beaumont (diesel hybrid)—all of which are true body-on-frame, 4-wheel drive, diesel- and gas-powered turbocharged SUVs that displace anywhere from 2.0 to 3.0 liters, while producing impressive torque figures ranging from 380Nm to 420Nm; and the BAIC X55 Verve and the X7 Grandeza, which are both petrol-powered, monocoque-bodied crossovers which feature 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engines producing 305 Nm of torque.

Indicative prices for the new models from BAIC Philippines are as follows:
  • BAIC B40 Ragnar P 2,400,000
  • BAIC B60 Beaumont P 3,200,000
  • BAIC B80 Wagon P 4,500,000
  • BAIC X55 Verve P 1,400,000
  • BAIC X7 Grandeza P 1,700,000
Spearheading BAIC Philippines introduction into the local market are Managing Director Froilan Dytianquin, Chief Marketing Executive Lyn Manalansang Buena, and BAIC Brand Head and General Manager Christopher David Yu, under the leadership of Chairman Rommel L. Sytin.

“We are proud to reveal our lineup of the world-class BAIC models and are confident that the Philippine market will appreciate the standout features and design of these first-rate SUVs and crossovers,” said Chairman Sytin.

BAIC Philippines’ brand tagline “Dare to Drive Big” brings to mind the spirit of adventure and the boldness to surpass conventional boundaries.

This drive has propelled BAIC onto the world stage, with over 360 sales and service outlets in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Southeast Asia, Central and West Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, and Europe. BAIC also ranks 162nd in the Fortune 500 list of companies, and is the third largest automotive company in its native China.

BAIC vehicles are made in the company’s world-class, fully robotized plants in Shunyi, Beijing. And while both 4x4 and crossover offerings are formidable under the hood, they are likewise stylish and awash in modern comfort, safety, and convenience features. These include large touchscreen displays, automatic power tailgates, automatic LED headlamps, cruise control, smart key entry, power-adjustable seats, LCD instrument panels, panoramic sunroofs, and leather seats among others. BAIC models also feature multiple airbags as well as a full suite of advanced electronic driver-assist systems, and sophisticated four-wheel drive systems.

BAIC Philippines’ agile product lineup caters to the gamut of discerning, Filipino car buyers. From weekend warrior executives who need a big and powerful 4x4 SUV that’s sure footed in both on- and off-road situations; to young, urban professionals in the market for a stylish and fully equipped crossover.

“We are confident that BAIC vehicles, with their cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality, will resonate deeply with Filipino drivers. And we are excited to introduce BAIC Philippines and its full range of robust, modern, and rugged SUV options today, in anticipation of their debut next month at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show. We can’t wait for Filipinos to experience the features and capabilities of these exceptional SUVs firsthand,” said Mr. Dytianquin, BAIC Philippines Managing Director added.

The official launch of BAIC under UAAGI happens at the Manila International Auto Show that runs from April 4 to 7, 2024 at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center.


  1. No, not with those prices.

    1. true.....

      Also they withdrew pala :/

  2. Suzuki jimny, jeep wrangler/renegades, ford bronco cant help with that prices. Only reason pnoys bought a china car brands are bcoz of lower priced vs legacy brands. Here in ph, china car brands priced not competitive anymore. No wonder after several years here they still have very very miniscule share of ph car market. They should follow the pricing strategy of byd

    1. BYD are EVs which got tax and tarrif cuts
      BAIC SUVs are meant to compete with the SUV lineup of Jetour,Jaecoo,GAC and GWM
      There's a demand for these premium Chinese 4X4 SUVs in the Philippine market.
      Not all 4X4 SUV enthusiasts would buy overpriced and unreliable Wrangler and Bronco

    2. 4x4 SUV enthusiasts will go for ICONIC high prestige jeep wrangler/renegade, bronco and even jimnny but definitely will not buy a high priced, low quality, low prestige china made 4x4 SUV.

  3. Wish UAAGI same success for BAIC as what they did for Chery years ago. I had originally felt Chery was a hopeless case after several distributors failed to penetrate the market with this marque. UAAGI proved me wrong.

  4. BAIC Ph should seriously reconsider those prices...

  5. will uaagi have a pricing problem with baic as chery, lynk & co have suv's and crossovers on their lineup including hybrids & phev?

  6. Seryoso sila sa pricing?

    All the B models look ugly pa specially the front end.

    Jetour T2 is more convincing (price, looks, features) than any of these BAIC models.


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