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March 7, 2024

Spot The Fake Prestone

As the summer months approaches, road trips beckon. And with that, there’s no better time to reiterate the importance of car care, especially when it comes to topping up your car’s vital fluids like brake fluid and radiator coolant.

Ensuring your vehicle is in its tip-top condition is crucial to avoid any breakdowns which could lead to inconveniences and even unnecessary expense.

“If you aim to protect your car and withstand unforeseen accidents or costly repairs, Prestone emphasizes the importance of using genuine products designed specifically to meet your vehicle’s needs,” said Monique Gonzalez, Marketing Manager for Clorox Southeast Asia.

Prestone is reminding motorists to follow these 3Ps when it comes to their products:

Packaging: Detecting counterfeit products can be tricky as they often mimic the appearance of the genuine item at first glance. Here is a quick guide on fake vs genuine that you can refer to:

Price: Significantly cheaper products are likely fake compared to genuine Prestone products. If they are marketed as discounts, please double-check if Prestone is having a promotional sale. If not, it’s probably fake.

Place: Purchase only from official Prestone partner stores like Blade, Ace, Handyman, TrueValue, and trusted auto supply shops nationwide.

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