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October 20, 2014

Volvo Philippines Celebrates Tradition with Scandinavian Expat Community

Simplicity, functionality, a high regard for design, science, and nature, are some of the more known characteristics of the Scandinavian lifestyle. But there is also, love for family and fun. Scandinavians know how to party, and out of the Scandinavian traditions, the summer Crayfish Party is one of those events held annually. In the Philippines, the Scandinavian community has celebrated this fun event for the past 16 years, hosted by the Scandinavian Society of the Philippines (SSP), as a fundraiser for the Chosen Children Village.  This year, Volvo Philippines, the exclusive local distributor of Swedish car brand Volvo, co-presented this year’s Traditional Crayfish Party held recently at the Sofitel’s Outdoor Pavillion.

A traditional eating and drinking event in Scandinavian countries, usually held in the summer month of August, The Crayfish Party in the Philippines is a fun annual event that brings together at least 200 members of the Scandinavian Expat community, and in a spirit of fun and celebration, enjoy the fresh specially-imported crustaceans found in their local lakes, cooked the traditional way. Completing the sumptuous feast is a buffet spread of Scandinavian delicacies and celebratory drinks topped by beer and schnapps.  As customary, the revelry is never complete without the party hats, paper lanterns, bibs, and an evening of song and dance.

“We’re happy to take part in this festive gathering. Traditions such as the summer Crayfish Party, which originated in Sweden, count among those the Scandinavians are known for. The spirit of community is part of the lifestyle that is distinctly Scandinavian.  This is part of the Nordic tradition and long-honored values in art and design, simple but highly functional urban lifestyle, that we at Volvo Philippines love to represent,” said Volvo Philippines President Atty. Albert Arcilla.

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