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June 3, 2017

2018 Subaru XV is the Safest Car Ever Made

UPDATE 1: The 2018 Subaru XV was just launched for the Asian market. Read it here (6/8).

Showing their unparalleled commitment to safety, Subaru Corporation announced that the all-new Subaru XV is the safest car ever made. This was judged by the Japan New Car Assessment Program or JNCAP after the Subaru XV went through a battery of crash tests including frontal, offset, side impact, side impact pole, rollover, and pedestrian safety.

The all-new 2018 Subaru XV scored a 199.7 out of a possible 200 points in crash tests making it the safest car ever tested by the organization. Subaru says this score was achieved thanks to the highly rigid Subaru Global Platform (SGP) as well as its myriad of airbags (7 + 1 pedestrian airbag). An additional 8 points were added for the seatbelt reminder system which means the Subaru XV scored 208 points all in all.

Thanks to its outstanding crash safety as well as enhanced active and pre-crash safety technologies including the EyeSight system, the Subaru XV and the Impreza have already been awarded with Japan’s Grand Prize for Crash Safety Evaluation. In the US, the Impreza was already awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) with its Top Safety Pick, a feat that the 2018 Subaru XV is expected to replicate.

The all-new Subaru XV is expected to launch in the Asian region very soon with a Philippine debut around the third quarter of this year.


  1. Bullcrap! It's not a Volvo.

    1. Though Volvo has made their name by making safe cars, brands like Subaru can match or even surpass them in some areas already.

    2. I agree with Sir Uly, Subaru is the Volvo of Asia.

    3. although we own a 2014 model, makes me happy that subaru is leading the safety game and all wheel drive tech.
      wish they would bring the eyesight here though

  2. If you're talking about Subaru, you're talking about superior S-AWD system and OUTSTANDING safety features that's further improved by that Subaru Global Platform technology.

    I don't know any non-luxury car brand that has a latch beneath the door (in case of a side collision) aside from Subaru.


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