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June 8, 2017

6 Reasons Why the 2018 Subaru XV is All the Crossover You Need

The Subaru XV has gone a long way. From its first-generation model as a body-cladded Impreza hatchback (it was known as the Outback Sport in the US if you don’t believe it), this third-generation model is now upon us. Slated to make its Philippine market debut in September of this year, the all-new Subaru XV could be all the crossover you’ll ever need. You don’t believe it? Well, here are 6 reasons why. (Read our First Drive as well as more details on the base 2.0i model).

#1: Tough, Solid Platform

Like the 2017 Impreza, the all-new 2018 Subaru XV rides on the company’s brand-new platform called the Subaru Global Platform. Not only is it going to make the solid Subaru XV even more so (body and chassis rigidity is up 70 and 100 percent respectively), but it also effectively means less unwanted noise, harshness, and vibration (NVH). In fact, Subaru says it’s around 6 decibels quieter for the front and 4 decibels for the rear passengers at 100 km/h. Oh and it also improves its crash safety by up to 40 percent compared to its predecessor.

#2: Designed for “Fun Adventure”

“Fun Adventure” is the guiding principle behind the all-new Subaru XV and as such, all its naughty bits were designed around it. For starters, the curb weight has barely changed despite its slightly larger size, improved solidity, and better equipment. This was done through some ingenious weight savings in the engine (12 kilograms) and transmission (7.8 kilograms) among others. Couple that with a 5 mm lower center of gravity, new way of mounting the anti-roll bar directly to the body (reduces body roll by 50 percent), and brake-based torque vectoring control, it makes the Subaru XV pitch less while exhibiting better stability. Like the 2017 Impreza, it also benefits from a 13:1 steering rack. It’s essentially the same as the Subaru BRZ’s, so you can pretty much guess how fun it could be dicing through corners.

#3: It’s Actually Off-Road Capable

As great as the Subaru XV on the smooth pavement thanks to better straight-line stability and cornering performance, it’s a gem on the rough stuff as well. It’s not going to be as hardcore as a true body-on-frame SUV with locking differentials, but the Subaru XV manages to keep its 220 mm ground clearance while still boasting an 18-degree approach and 30-degree departure angle. A dedicated suspension and wider track (+10 mm in front and +5 mm at the back) means the Subaru XV is actually fitted with tire sizes straight off the current Forester (17 or 18 inches). And since this is a Subaru, it does come with the trademark Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Defaulting to a 60 percent front and 40 percent rear, it can send power to the wheels that need it the most. Its surefootedness is boosted also by the new X-MODE system which modifies several vehicle parameters (engine, transmission, all-wheel drive power distribution) specifically for off-road driving.

#4: Substantial Form

The 2018 Subaru XV comes in two new colors: Cool Gray Khaki and Sunshine Orange. Still, its looks are quite iterative from the hawk-eye headlights, hexagonal grille, and even the liberal use of matte-black cladding. But go beyond what you see and you begin to appreciate the 2018 Subaru XV’s packaging. It’s barely larger than its predecessor (+15 mm length, +20 mm width, height is unchanged), but it’s far roomier inside. Credit goes partially to the longer wheelbase (+30 mm), but a vastly redone interior frees up space in all areas imaginable: space between front passengers (+20 mm), front shoulder space (+29 mm), rear knee room (+26 mm), and rear headroom (+10 mm). Even the ingress/egress has improved with a 10 mm lower interior floor height together with a 40 mm lower door sill.

#5: Sense of Premium Space

Subaru has invested a lot in improving their interior design and execution, and the 2018 Subaru XV is yet another great example of that. Like the Impreza, the interior is designed to flow from the doors all the way to the instrument panel creating a sense of space and security. Unlike the Impreza though, contrasting orange stitching highlight this crossover’s more daring attitude. Compared to its predecessor, the 2018 Subaru XV also benefits from a smaller (down 5 mm), meatier three-spoke steering wheel, a 6- or 8-inch Starlink infotainment system with 6 speakers (made by Harman), and two fancy full-colored multi-function displays: one 4.2-inch sandwiched by the analog gauges and another at the top of the center console. And an electric parking brake is standard.

# 6: World-Class Safety

Subaru has made safety an integral part of their vehicles and the 2018 Subaru XV paves that way forward. Apart from excellent Active and Passive Safety features, it also comes with a slew of Preventive Safety technology including High Beam Assist which automatically switches the headlights between high and low beam depending on oncoming traffic; Steering Responsive Headlights that moves the light beams left or right when turning at corners to illuminate the direction of travel; and Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection that offers blind spot detection, lane change assistance, and reversing assistance.

Motor Image Pilipinas has yet to show the Philippine specifications of the all-new 2018 Subaru XV, but it’s for sure that they’ll be retaining the two-variant structure with the 2.0i and 2.0i-S. Pricing will be revealed at a date closer to the launch, but they did drop a hint that it will be priced “competitively.”


  1. For Me,Subaru XV is alternative to the Volvo XC60 in terms of Safety and AWD.

  2. Wow! The only problem is I think they will be releasing it last quarter of 2017. It's too late! People are buying cars now.

  3. The best Subcompact Crossover in the country!

    P.S. Will Subaru bring in the Eyesight?

    1. Not for TGP. Top Gear will always choose Mitsubishi over others. I bet they'll choose the Mitsubishi ASX over this beauty.

    2. I agree, the fat boys of TGP. LMAO! Those guys praise Mitsubishi to high heavens.

  4. I just wonder how fun will it be if only there will be a turbocharged XV...

  5. Planning to have one b4 this years ends, but still torned between this and the all new cx 5 awd sport, SIR ULY, CAN U HELP ME DECIDE? I know that the 2 are on the diff class pero itong dalawa tlga ang gusto ko, i just wanna know the pros and cons of the 2, and which do you think is more suitable for me (2016 montero sport owner)

  6. Sir Uly, help please! We are planning to get our 1st crossover/SUV. Among our 3 choices, which is the best?
    MAZDA CX-5 (2.0L FWD PRO) VS.
    SUBARU XV (2.0i-S CVT)


    SUBARU XV (2.0i CVT)?

    Hope you can help me. We are looking at:
    -Fuel Consumption
    -Comfortable Driving
    -Good for city driving mostly

    1. I would have to throw this question back at you: are you looking at the crossover as a family car? A second car? A personal car?

      Because based on your list, you're looking at two different segments. The first one is a list of crossovers above the P 1.5M mark while those at the bottom would be below the P 1.4M mark.

      Given your criteria (and not knowing anything else), the crossover that offers the best fuel consumption would be the CR-V diesel. Plus it's more spacious than the CX-5 or XV. It's probably going to do well for city driving as well.

      That said, the Mazda CX-5 is certainly a very individual choice. I love its driving dynamics, interior fit and finish, and styling. However, I cannot comment on the fuel consumption because I've yet to try the 2018 2.0-liter gasoline. Expect it to be roughly the same as the Subaru XV in terms of fuel efficiency. The main advantage of the Mazda is its all-inclusive 3-year/100,000-km PMS package. This removes the headaches for the first 3 years of ownership.

    2. Thank you, Sir Uly! Sorry I wasn't able to provide more details. It'll be used as a personal car. Good to hear your opinion. Thanks again! :)

  7. how's the price of maintenance and spare parts of Subaru?

  8. Hi sir, second hand 2014 XV, is it worth buying for 2020?


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