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June 19, 2017

Working for Our Future: Toyota Motor Philippines Leads By Example

One Toyota is sold in the Philippines every four minutes—an amazing feat since they already corner a good 45 percent market share. With such a huge impact to all sectors of society, it’s just about right that Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) would serve a responsible role when it comes to environmentally-conscious motoring. But what’s even more surprising is how Toyota has become the leader in environmentally-conscious manufacturing as well.

For the last 44 years, the Japanese automaker has been celebrating “Toyota Environment Month” by dedicating the whole month of June to rallying employees to take action in their communities by organizing and participating in activities related to environmental awareness and conservation. Coinciding with this global celebration, TMP launched the 2017 Eco Fair which highlights the company’s environmental initiatives throughout its value chain as aligned with the Toyota Environmental Challenge (TEC) 2050.

The TEC 2050 serves as Toyota’s guide in achieving zero environmental impact in all aspect of its operations, and create a net positive impact to contribute to a better society.  After Toyota Motor Corporation globally launched it in 2015, TMP took on the challenge of further minimizing its carbon footprint by reducing emissions in operations and spreading awareness about creating a society in harmony with nature.

The 4th Generation Prius was highlighted in the exhibit, as part of Toyota’s efforts in achieving Challenge 1: New Vehicle Zero CO2 Emission. The Prius uses hybrid technology, which uses two power sources: the internal combustion engine always operates at maximum efficiency, and the electric motor provides backup and recovers surplus energy. TMP has made the Prius available to the market, giving customers a choice to purchase eco-friendly vehicles.

To ensure proper environmental management, TMP requires all of its suppliers to abide by Toyota’s Green Purchasing Guidelines. Suppliers are encouraged to continuously enhance their respective environmental performance and introduce initiatives that reduce carbon dioxide= emission in their own operations, contributing to the achievement of Challenge 2: Life Cycle Zero CO2 Emission. For example, International Wiring Systems Philippines Corporation (IWSP), TMP’s wiring harness supplier for Vios and Innova, committed to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emission by at least 6 percent in relation to production volume. To achieve this target, IWSP implemented several improvements, which includes installation of energy-saving devices in air conditioning units and transition from conventional lighting to a more efficient and environment-friendly lighting in their facilities.

As part of Challenge 3: Plant Zero CO2 Emission, TMP remains committed in lowering CO2 emissions in its operations. TMP installed the Boiler Feedback Controller in Painting line’s 2 boilers. This mechanism ensures optimum efficiency in boiler combustion by automatically adjusting air-to-fuel ratio. As lesser fuel is used, the boilers now function with lesser CO2 emissions.

TMP also highlighted its Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) as one of its initiatives in achieving Challenge 4: Minimizing and Optimizing Water Usage. The WWTP treats water coming from TMP’s manufacturing plant and offices to ensure that the water discharge is safe. Safe water coming from the WWTP is used to water the plants and refill the man-made lagoon, while the rest is released to Laguna Lake. TMP also introduced the use of Biochemical Treatment in the painting sludge pool. Its effectiveness resulted in generation of less waste water and correspondingly, a decrease in water volume necessary for replenishment.

In its efforts to contribute to Challenge 5: Establishing a Recycling-Based Society, TMP established its very own Green Home model. TMP’s Green Home is made of 51 percent recycled materials. The furniture and fixtures inside the house were fabricated from Toyota manufacturing plant’s scrap materials such as metal and wooden pallets used for packaging, tubes, wire rollers, plastics, pipes, excess tiles, and crushed glass. The Green Home features environment-friendly solutions such as natural and LED lighting, natural ventilation, green roof, and rainwater harvesting.

TMP directly contributes to Challenge 6: Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature through its various tree-planting initiatives. Located inside the Toyota Special Economic Zone (TSEZ) is the Toyota Forest where TMP Team Members annually plant trees. Likewise, members of TMP’s value chain annually troop to its adopted forest located inside the Makiling Botanic Gardens in Los Banos, Laguna for tree-planting activities.

Toyota Motor Philippines believes in leading by example. The Sta. Rosa assembly plant was completed in 1996, eight years after TMP’s incorporation. Two years later, it garnered the local automotive industry’s first ISO 14001 certification: an affirmation of the company’s meeting of global standards in environmental sustainability.

Upon entering the 82-hectare property alone, one of the first signs that stand out reads: “Toyota Forest and Tree Nursery”. For a high-tech factory where the Innova MPV and the Vios compact car are assembled, this is a sign of how serious Toyota is with their “green crusade”.

Possessing such a huge market share and a sizeable manufacturing footprint, TMP certainly has both the technical capabilities and the motivation to use them towards improving the environment. Toyota Motor Philippines has shown that they not only meet the government and legislative standard locally, but raise them to the next level. At every step from choosing their suppliers to manufacturing and selling their cars, Toyota has shown that environmental commitment can be a way of life. Through different initiatives, it shows that every action, big or small, can have a positive and green impact.

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