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June 29, 2017

Mitsubishi Hits Highest Monthly Production Level in Philippines

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation’s (MMPC) production in May soared to its highest level since it started operations in 1964. From an average monthly output of 3,000 at the start of 2017, the manufacturing plant was able to produce 1,703 units of Adventure, 1,577 units of L300, and 1,043 units of Mirage models for a total of 4,323 units this May.

The commendable production performance was achieved through the involvement and commitment of the management and sector members in improving operational efficiency in men, machines, materials and methods (4M).

“This is a step ahead towards improving our production performance and also a great opportunity to increase confidence that we can attain our production target” said Yasuhiro Maruyama, MMPC Executive Vice President for Manufacturing.

According to MMPC President and CEO, Mr. Yoshiaki Kato, this remarkable production volume was achieved through the collective efforts of MMPC employees and business partners. He also noted that MMPC would like to keep this momentum as it enters a new stage of production volume.

When asked on how they plan to further improve production output, MMPC Production Group Head, First Vice President Mr. Johnny Miaral said that they will continuously upgrade their production processes and controls for easier planning and monitoring.

For the past decades, the local production of the Adventure and L300 models has generated jobs for hundreds of Filipino workers throughout the years and supported the business of local parts suppliers. To date, the Adventure and L300 models have the highest number of locally-sourced parts in the automotive industry.

1 comment:

  1. And it's sad that the old L300 and Adventure will soon be leaving for good.

    Lots of memories for many of us - the school bus that ferried us to and from school, was most likely an L300.

    The shuttle we rode during college commutes and to work, many of them were Adventures.

    In my case when I was learning, I practiced driving on our family car, which was an Adventure.

    Can't they just put in a new, cleaner engine so that they can continue living?


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