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June 1, 2017

Mobile Courts, Hospitals Are Some Ways Hino is Showing Off Their Truck Customization

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP) broadens its capability to customize its trucks and buses in line with the unique needs and requirements of Filipino customers. From mobile clinics to tourist buses to even mobile courts, Hino has done them all.

One of the company’s most notable clients, the Supreme Court and Local Government Units (LGUs) have been commissioning HMP to build mobile courts and, if you are found guilty, mobile prisons since 2004. HMP’s ingenuity now allows court hearings to be conducted in remote areas of the Philippines.

Apart from mobile courts, HMP likewise designs and builds high-end buses such as the Grandeza for tour companies. It furnishes its luxury coaches with a mix of imported and locally developed passenger comfort accessories as required by its clients.

Hino’s customization projects also include broadcasting Outside Broadcasting (OB) Van for television and radio companies. This involves working with its clients to design and integrate into the Hino special body the required accessories for the special equipment for remote broadcasting. Hino applies its engineering capabilities to meet the installation and electric power connections requirements of the mobile broadcasting equipment.

As required, to allow higher loading capacity, Hino modifies truck and bus chassis. “We also do comparative reviews of past modifications for clients, including Coca Cola, to ensure long term client satisfaction,” said Augusto Salcedo, HMP’s General Sales VP.

HMP’s bus customization projects include mobile hospitals built for Maguindanao-based clients. Designed as a response to emergency situations, the mobile hospital houses an operating room and other life-saving equipment that can be used until the patient is brought to a hospital. It also has other compartments for other services such as x-ray, dental, laboratory, recovery, as well as comfort room.
HMP usually completes in-plant truck and bus customization in 45 to 60 days, depending on client needs.

“We make available to our customers our total service capabilities. We make specific recommendations when their needs are beyond the scope of our regular hardware and service capabilities. We also coordinate with outside suppliers when we don’t have the technical capabilities to install and test special equipment required to finish customization projects,” said Salcedo.
HMP ensures that it delivers bus and truck customization services within deadlines. Its team of over 20 engineers proactively comes up with solutions when technical issues arise to fulfill commitments according to schedule.

For more than 40 years, HMP has been providing safe, durable and reliable buses and trucks to meet the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations.


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