Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Honda Cars Philippines Says It Has Fixed All BR-Vs with Fuel Pump Issues

Honda Cars Philippines has finally reached out regarding the issue surrounding the fuel pump installed in some BR-Vs.

In their first communication with media (the first was addressed directly to the BR-V Owner’s Club), Atty. Louie Soriano, Sales Division Head and Spokesperson of Honda acknowledges that a handful of BR-Vs were affected with problems surrounding its fuel pump. In the worst case, this can cause the vehicle to stall.

While the exact cause of the problem is still being determined by their service and technical team, Honda Cars Philippines has taken the proactive step and replaced the fuel pump in all affected BR-Vs, as we have reported before. Atty. Soriano has gone so far to say that all affected units have now been addressed to and fixed.

In addition, they assure everyone that they have adequate supply of spare parts in case any customer encounters a problem surrounding their BR-V’s fuel pump. If that happens, Honda Cars Philippines advises affected owners to contact their nearest authorized dealer or service center.


  1. Finally all the Brouhaha about the BRV's fuel pump is over and done with! We have James, err I mean Uly to thank for that.

    To all the affected BR-V owners, I believe a round of applause for Uly is in order!

  2. Hahahahaha so what happened to in Honda's Defense it is not advisable for them to stock on parts hahahahahaha