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August 11, 2019

The 2019 Ford Ranger Just Cost P 1.10 Per Kilometer to Maintain for 10 Years

Carmakers typically hype on the big stuff when it comes to their product offerings—a new or revised engine, a classier interior, and/or refreshed looks. It comes as no surprise then that the small stuff often gets buried in all the hoopla; until it’s been unearthed.

In the case of Ford Philippines, the “small stuff” turns out to be a big deal, especially to would-be owners: lower maintenance costs. It’s gone unnoticed but Ford SUVs and pickup trucks fitted with the 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine (both single- and bi-turbo versions) now benefit from a once-a-year (or every 10,000 kilometers) Preventive Maintenance Service.

Publicized once again during the launch of the 2020 Everest, Ford is reiterating that all their Ranger models fitted with the 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine (that’s basically the Wildtrak 4x2 and up) are covered by the once-a-year PMS scheme.

How much does it all cost? You can check the tables below for yourself, but here’s the summary of the cost:
  • 10,000 km – P 4,770
  • 20,000 km – P 8,130
  • 30,000 km – P 11,910
  • 40,000 km – P 11,230
  • 50,000 km – P 6,130
  • 60,000 km – P 18,950
  • 70,000 km – P 6,130
  • 80,000 km – P 11,230
  • 90,000 km – P 16,950
  • 100,000 km – P 14,830
Added up, the routine maintenance cost comes out to just P 110,260 for 100,000 kilometers (or 10 years) of ownership—that’s just P 1.10 per kilometer (be it a manual or automatic variant). Not bad, Ford. Not bad at all.


  1. ^Because the prices are still at par with other brands with semi-annual PMS, the only positive thing here is that owners get to experience ford ph's "world-class service" only once a year... kudos!!!

  2. You’ll need another car if you’re only going to use your Ford up to 10,000 kms per year!

  3. can you point me to the website or publication where you got this pricing? was planning to get the ssp for the 2.0 now costing 54k from 48k last july, its more expensive than paying every service for 5 services


  4. Ford Ranger maintenance usually average 13k for the 2.2 manual. So i don't know if this Ford just lowered their PMS prices, but kind of hard to believe.

  5. Average Filipino vehicle is driven 20k km per year. So the 100k km for 10 years is laughable. Good try though.

  6. hi,

    when does we make service maintenance for ranger raptor suspension?

  7. hi,

    when we must do service of ranger raptor suspension?


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