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August 7, 2019

P 30,000 is Enough to Bump Up the Toyota GR Supra's Power by 25 Percent

It looks like the era of simply plugging a car into a computer for a tune is really upon us. Case in point is Litchfield and their work on the 2020 GR Supra.

The U.K. tuning company which has worked with BMWs says they were able to unlock an additional 85 horses with just an ECU remap. This brings the GR Supra’s output to 420 horsepower, and this is without any hardware changes.

At this point, 420 horses seem like a nice even number, but Litchfield says they’re not done yet. They’re working on a set of bolt-on modifications which will pump up the power count anywhere between 440 to 450 horsepower. Nice.

Since the tune isn’t final yet, Litchfield can’t reveal prices yet, but if we were to look at BMWs that received similar work, expect to fork out around USD 600 or around P 31,348 for the tune. The tune and exhaust package should bring everything around to USD 1,500 (~ P 78,371) which isn’t a lot of money for lots more power.

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