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August 23, 2019

Castrol's New Magnatec Oil Formulation Protects Engines Equipped with Start/Stop Tech

Castrol Philippines recently launched its latest line of Castrol Magnatec lubricants with the industry-pioneering Dualock Technology. Available for both diesel and gasoline applications (including one specially formulated for engines with idle start-stop technology), these new line of engine oils are now available in the market.

The new 2019 line of Castrol Magnatec lubricants are available in three grades: 10W-40 for gasoline engines; 10W-50 for diesel engines, and 5W-30 for both diesel and gasoline engines. All three oils are fully synthetic and come with the breakthrough Dualock technology.

A technological advancement resulting from ten years of research and development, Castrol Magnatec’s Dualock Technology brings forth a molecular innovation, in which a pair of protective molecules lock together to form a powerful shielding layer on engine components. This results in a 50 percent reduction in wear-and-tear from engine warm-up and stop-start operation, even for vehicles with the latest stop-start engine technology.

With the average driver experiencing 33 percent more time traveling and start-stop systems turning on and off as many as 18,000 times a year (that’s 49 times a day), increased microscopic engine wear is inevitable. This is why the new Castrol Magnatec formulation is made to protect engines traveling in heavily congested, highly-urbanized areas.

“We recognize the current congested traffic conditions drivers go through every day, and we know that our vehicles’ engines are put under constant stress. Because of this, we are more than excited to finally introduce a reinvented Castrol Magnatec with breakthrough Dualock Technology. We have built on Castrol Magnatec’s success, and once again, introduce innovative products that work best according to the diverse needs of our consumers. This is aligned with Castrol Magnatec’s promise of providing nonstop protection from every start,” said Maria Tañada, Country Manager, Castrol Philippines.

Castrol Magnatec has become one of the leading car engine oils, with more than 1 billion liters of oil sold in the past 20 years, making it among the most successful lubricants in the global market.


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