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August 30, 2019

Hyundai is Now Offering a More Affordable Santa Fe

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc., is adding a new Santa Fe variant. Now, if you’re thinking for a high-grade 4WD variant, you’re out of luck. Instead, the new variant is aimed to help Hyundai’s 7-seater unibody crossover compete against 7-seater pickup-based passenger vehicles.

Officially called the Santa Fe GLS 2WD Mid, it’s priced P 380,000 lower than the loaded GLS 2WD High trim. However, the P 2.158 million suggested retail price still puts it in the cross hair of top-range PPVs.

Now, for those wondering what Hyundai had to sacrifice to keep the price down, we’ll tell you the good news first. Mechanically, it’ll have the same 2.2-liter CRDi engine as the top trim variant. It makes the same 200 horsepower, 441 Nm of torque output mated to the same 8-speed automatic. Heck, it even keeps the cruise control function as well. Okay, now to the bad news. What’s gone, you ask?

Outside, the GLS Mid variant ditches the LED headlights for halogen ones and the LED taillights for bulbs. It also loses chrome on the front grille and the rear spoiler as well. Even the wheels have gone down an inch from 19s to 18s.

Inside, the GLS Mid keeps the leather seats and even the power driver’s seat, but removes the side sun curtains, heads-up display, wireless charger, and rain-sensing wipers. Even the audio system is now down to a 5-inch display and loses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In terms of safety, the GLS Mid nets you dual SRS airbags (down from 6), and ditches the electronic parking brake for a traditional foot brake one. And while ABS with EBD is standard, the stability control system’s gone. The 360-degree camera is also MIA as are front corner sensors.

With all these omissions, do you still think the Santa Fe is good value for money or will you still opt for a top-grade Pickup-based Passenger Vehicle?


  1. Loses a lot of safety tech, something that crossovers have as advantages over PPVs. :/

  2. they might as well use monoblock chairs to save more on cost, hehe.

  3. Still expensive. Most of the parts are made in china

  4. The worst downgrade is the lack of rear aircon vents. What does this mean? the second row doesn't have aircon vents or the third row? The previous Santa Fe even the low end variants had two compressors and aircon vents on all three rows

  5. Pricing is a strategy. Hyundai wants us to think that their products are premium products that's is why they are premium priced. But the fact is they are still lacking in reliability as compared to their Japanese counterparts.

    1. Man are you living in the 90s. Hyundai/Kia now make the most reliable car brands

    2. Toxic Filipino attitude of listening to elders yet not trying on their own. Koreans are much more reliable now compared to American cars and any Mitsu or Nissan out there.

    3. -Halogen Lights
      -dual airbags
      -no stability control
      -no front sensor

      for 2.16m?

      I would not choose truck based SUV, but i will search for other alternatives.

  6. I have a hyundai starex, I also have a kia, they still are not as reliable as a Japanese brand. Besides with Kia they have weak aircon and when they fail under warrantty the casa will ask you to wait for 3 months while they order the part in Korea. In the meantime you cannot use your car so you decide not to claim warrantty. Very poor customer service.
    And this is my own personal experience. I have vowed never to buy a Kia or Hyundai if there is an alternative, They are expensive, poor reliability and extremely resale value.


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