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August 18, 2019

The Isuzu D-Max Beats Land Rover, BMW for Class Win at the Africa Eco Race

Isuzu proved the durability and pace of its D-Max pickup truck by surviving the 6,022-kilometer Africa Eco Race, finishing ahead of Land Rover, BMW, and Gaz. It finished first in its class (T1.2) and 18th overall among a field of 45 vehicles.

After the annual Dakar Rally was moved to South America, the Africa Eco Race was organized for those who wanted to live “the real Dakar spirit.” Starting from Monaco, it was 15 days of competitive adventure and challenges through special stages, sandy tracks, and mountainous dunes.

Supported by Isuzu Thailand, the Enduring 2000 Racing won the T1.2 diesel four-wheel drive class after it crossed the finish line at the pink lake of Senegal, Lac Rose (Lake Retba). What made the feat even more spectacular was that the D-Max piloted by Hiroaki Suzuki and Rodger Pedersen used the standard 1.9-liter RZ4E Blue Power diesel engine, gearbox, and drivetrain!

Already a formidable pickup with its one-ton payload and 3.5-ton towing capacity, surviving the Moroccan desert, savage Mauritanian and Senegalese landscapes has the D-Max rally-proven as well.


  1. It came in 18th, nothing to brag about


  3. the lone diesel engine that pms change oil interval at 5k km,,,costly while other brand at 12k interval

  4. I have a friend who have ford ranger, they enjoyed and love it, but after almost 5 yrs on their trip to naga, its F-ound O-n R-oad D-ead, they towed back to Manila and for desperation they sold it at very cheap price... since then, the loved with FORD becomes a curse of hate :)

  5. DMAX user manual says that change oil interval is 20k, but mine i'm doing it at 10k


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