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November 3, 2019

Philippine Team Still Complete at Start of Day 2 of Subaru Palm Challenge 2019

The Philippine team continued strong as Day 2 of the 18th Subaru Palm Challenge rolled in at Ngee Ann City, Singapore. During the opening, humidity was the main challenge as well as the sweltering heat, with the temperature soaring past 34 degrees Celsius.

However, thanks to cooling temperatures brought about by a late-night rain shower, the Philippine team consisting of: Reggie Purugganan, Nikko Paolo Blancada, Don Marc Gerald Pantaleon, Lordgie Vallente, Isaah Kevin Locsin, Filmark Bernante, Mark Alber Gubala, Joaquin Ireneo Fabros, Carlo Talahib, and Cyrus Corpuz made it to Day 2 completely unscathed. Currently, only the Philippine and Vietnam team remain complete with 10 members still standing each. A total of 168 contestants still remain with 232 dropping out.

Help out the Philippine team by earning them a bonus 5-minute break by playing this online game.

Supporters can assign Reward/Bonus Break rewards to a contestant who’s still in the game. The top 10 ranked scorers in each round of the game will be assigned an extra 5-minute break at the following times: 10 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM on Sunday, November 3 to Monday, Tuesday, November 5, and they can even bring one fellow contestant as well.

Scores will be reset to zero after each Reward/Bonus Break is conducted.

Enter the following “Contestant Number” before playing the game:
  • Reggie Purugganan (050), 
  • Nikko Paolo Blancada (024), 
  • Don Marc Gerald Pantaleon (R31), 
  • Lordgie Vallente (062), 
  • Isaah Kevin Locsin (028), 
  • Filmark Bernante (046), 
  • Mark Alber Gubala (059), 
  • Joaquin Ireneo Fabros (055), 
  • Carlo Talahib (007), 
  • Cyrus Corpuz (056)

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