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August 18, 2020

All Current Honda Cars Can Now Be Fitted with High-Efficiency Cabin Filters

Last July, Honda Cars Philippines started introducing high-efficiency cabin air filters for their cars to remove all sorts of bad or nasty stuff from entering the interior. Well, good news: they’ve expanded their offering.

These high-efficiency filters, officially called PM2.5 Cabin Air Filters contain an added layer that collects and traps up to 99 percent of particulate matter such as dust, mold spores, volcanic ash, even diesel and cigarette smoke. Aside from improving a vehicle’s cabin air quality, they also extend the air conditioner’s service life.

Honda says these PM2.5 Cabin Air Filter requires a once-a-year replacement, in line with current Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) intervals.

Honda Cars Philippines is now carrying two types of PM2.5 air filters which can fit any vehicle in their current line-up:
  • Part # 80291-TB0-000 (Honda CAF PM2.5 Small)
  • Part # 80922-TB0-000 (Honda CAF PM2.5 Big)
The small fits models such as the City, Jazz, Brio, Brio Amaze and BR-V, while the large fits the CR-V and Civic.

The cost of the PM2.5 filter is P 859.00 including VAT. This is slightly more expensive than the regular filter which is priced at P 630.00.

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