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August 24, 2020

One of the 2021 Subaru Levorg's Key Features Isn't Going to Make It Outside Japan

With the launch of the second-generation 2021 Levorg, Subaru also pulled the curtains off the newest generation of EyeSight—it’s stereoscopic camera-based driver assist system. Sadly, Subaru has confirmed that this new piece of tech will be available exclusively to Japan first.

A report via Automotive News has Eiji Shibata, general manager of automated driving and advanced safety at Subaru confirming that the new generation of EyeSight goes beyond the current version in that it needs to be tweaked based on local driving condition.

Shibata says that the new-generation of Subaru EyeSight features improved object and situation recognition for both front and side views. With double the field of view compared to the current setup, it can prevent collisions at intersections and in urban environments such as a head-on crash, or a pedestrian or cyclist being hit when a vehicle turns.

The system also has upgraded driver-monitoring abilities that can help the vehicle respond to situations such as driver distraction, unintentional acceleration, and even loss of consciousness.

On the optional EyeSight X, it can even assist in changing lanes, auto decelerate based on road curve prediction, and even offer hands-free driving in congested traffic.

Sadly, these features were developed for Japanese road and driving conditions says Shibata. For it to roll out to other markets, they’ll need to tweak the system based on driving conditions there.

This means that the rest of the world will have to soldier on with the current-generation EyeSight system. However, Shibata says that his team is already hard at work to develop the new functionalities and adopt them for international road conditions. However, he’s very cautious and says that features may be rolled out few at a time, and that not all features will be made available.

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