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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Toyota Explains Why the Corolla Evolved into an SUV Called Corolla Cross

The Toyota Corolla is a brand in itself. Throughout the generations, it has made its mark as the best-selling Toyota vehicle in the world, topping out with cumulative sales of at least 48 million units globally since its launch in 1966. In fact, according to Toyota Motor Corporation’s Chief Engineer, Mr. Daizo Kameyama, the Corolla is Toyota itself, given the impact and reputation that it has awarded the brand over the years.

Following this success, it is only fitting for this global icon to evolve with the times and transition into a segment that has steadily grown in recent years—the SUV market. In the Philippines, SUVs make up about a third (31 percent year-to-date 2020) of the Commercial Vehicle or CV market, and this is what makes the all-new Corolla Cross a game-changer. The concept of “Corolla meets SUV” offers a new level of driving performance for the new generation who has undoubtedly grown up (or, grown through) the many eras of the Corolla.

Having said that, the Corolla Cross answers the call of more than just modern families. If we are to look back, the Corolla has always served a broad spectrum, ranging from first-time car-owners, young executive professionals, and even small families. The Corolla Cross, on the other hand, goes beyond that. Designed for urban toughness, it offers the combo of a premium feel vehicle with the signature Toyota functionality that is looked for by the modern, independent individual.

The market for the all-new Corolla Cross are people who live a fast-paced daily life, with the drive to achieve. These are your modern-day multitaskers—the first are professionals and entrepreneurs who make things happen on their own terms, and the second are homemakers, who successfully manage their households. These are also the people who have impeccable taste and want their vehicle to reflect their stylish personality.

To answer this segment, the Corolla Cross steps in by providing reliable, practical driving performance with the handling and stability of a Toyota. It also boasts of a confident stance that is both sporty and stylish, taking it away from the quintessential “mom car” and offering a flexible design that is tough enough for a man, yet contemporary enough for the sophisticated woman.

This is what makes the all-new Corolla Cross one of the vehicles to watch for this year. Not only did it come in hot by elevating to a new category, it has also become more sustainable by having a PHEV variant. Given this, this makes the Cross a sign of bigger things to come for Toyota.

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross Target Market at a Glance
  • Sex: Female (53 percent)
  • Age: 33-45
  • Marital Status: Married (83 percent)
  • Household Income: P 122,000 per month
  • Occupation: Businessperson / Self-employed / Professionals
  • Usage: Transporting myself to and from work (88 percent), Transporting family members to and from work/school (33 percent), Daily regular movements for “empty nesters”
  • Reasons for Wanting an SUV: Business/work (60 percent), Vacation/leisure trips (45 percent), Increase in household members (18 percent), Larger seating capacity (9 percent)
  • Purchase Reasons: Exterior Design (1st), Interior Design (2nd), Engine Performance (3rd), Riding Comfort (4th). There is low priority for 3rd row and seating capacity, but Toyota notes that buyers still want an SUV body type
  • Vehicles Considered: Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4
Words by Gen Tiu.

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