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Friday, August 28, 2020

This Front Liner Bought Her Hyundai on Lazada

Hers is a relatable story. The threat of COVID-19 is not abating any time soon, but she needs to go about her home and professional duties. The pressure is even greater because Raquel Evaristo is a medical social worker working for a regional government hospital in Pampanga.

It was time to get herself her an affordable subcompact sedan for her daily drive to and from work. Suddenly, for many like Raquel, a private vehicle has become a necessity. “Now that more people going out, I want to feel safe when I go (to work or buy essentials), without the risk of getting infected.”

For a newbie to car shopping, she had to get things right. A hefty investment can’t be left to chance. “I did my research. I considered my budget. Owning a car does not end with the down payment and monthly amortization. It is important to determine the kind of vehicle you need and can afford...I am careful about online dealings and only transact on reliable sites. Shopping online has empowered customers, providing almost all the information needed by a buyer but it is also a platform for scammers.”

Which was why Raquel was skeptical at first about buying a car online. Sure, she goes online once or twice a month to buy small gift items but a car? Still, she ended up making a reservation for a Hyundai Accent because she considers Lazada “a fair and reliable site.” She was also in touch with a sales consultant of Hyundai E. Rodriguez who walked her through the benefits of owning an Accent.

“I was told that the Hyundai Accent usually sells fast. I wanted to get the car as soon as I got a bank loan approval and not wait for new units from the manufacturer, so I decided to pay the reservation fee thru Lazada.”

She was looking at other brands but the Accent fit the bill in terms of budget and the features that she wanted from a car: good fuel economy and a standout sporty look.

Raquel finally got her dream car last August 5, and is bound for better journeys as a proud new car owner.

“It is a big accomplishment,” she says. “I have always daydreamed of driving my own shiny new car and now my dream has come true. I am still familiarizing myself with it but I am very happy with my choice. Having the independence to get to places anytime without relying on others is definitely a plus.”

Raquel counts among the growing number of Hyundai car owners who have experienced the ease of online car purchase, a local industry breakthrough that HARI kicked off late last year with the launch of the very first Hyundai online store in Lazada Mall.


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  2. I live in Quezon City and I work [from home] practically the whole day. Is there an RFID station for AutoSweep somewhere near here? Your list shows that all installation centers are down south (and a couple of sites in Tarlac). Thank you


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