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August 28, 2020

Someone Leaked the 2021 MG 5 and It Looks Glorious

It looks like MG is slowly abandoning its current design language for something that’s decidedly shapelier and more aggressive. Sent in by a reader, it supposedly shows how the 2021 second-generation MG 5 will look like.

For the uninitiated, the current MG 5 is actually the Chinese domestic market Roewe i5 with different badging. For 2021 though, it seems MG will steer clear of that, and will instead give the MG 5 its own unique design. From today’s discreet looking sedan, it’s now much more daring. It looks like a baby version of the 2021 MG 6—and that’s a good thing.

While the wheelbase remains unchanged, the 2021 MG 5 is said to be longer by 74 mm, wider by 24 mm, and 9 mm shorter than the current version. In addition, it’s also said to get more powerful engines: a 120-horsepower normally-aspirated 1.5-liter, or a turbocharged version of the same engine making 173 horsepower.

Based on the leaked documents, the two versions of the MG 5 will receive the 180 DVVT and 300 TGi badging. They’ll be differentiated in terms of styling detail with the turbocharged version (300 TGi) getting high-gloss exterior elements, a sunroof, and larger wheels. Features such as LED lighting and a 360-degree camera look standard.

Assuming it’ll push through, the 2021 MG 5’s global debut is expected at the Auto Guangzhou in November.

Hat tip to John Mark Magno.

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  1. Vios will be having a serious inferiority complex going near this one.


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