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August 16, 2020

This Special Edition Ford Ranger Will Confuse the LTO

With the LTO once again cracking down on modified 4x4s and pickup trucks, if Ford Philippines opts to bring in this special edition Ranger, it’ll be the stuff of nightmares for the authorities. Meet the Ranger Heavy Duty.

Available in Australia and New Zealand, the Ranger Heavy Duty takes on the work-oriented Ranger XL 4x4 and adds items such as a front bulbar, snorkel, a heavy-duty suspension, bedliner, all-terrain tires, and to prevent those swollen lug nuts? Solid wheel nuts.

Despite the fitment of the steel front bulbar, Ford says it meets all of their engineering and safety standards. It’s been crash tested to ensure compatibility with the vehicle safety systems including the autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

For overlanders, it even comes with mounting points for sport lamps and UHF antennas, though an LED light bar does come standard which may further confuse LTO enforcers (boss, these are factory fitted as standard equipment, honest).

Meanwhile, the fixed-head snorkel provides a higher air intake position to assist in conditions such as dusty roads, drawing in air from roof level providing cooler and cleaner air to its engine.

Finally, the Ranger Heavy Duty comes fitted with all-terrain tires. The Continental ContiCrossContact All-Terrain tire is fitted to larger 17 x 7.5-inch steel wheels in place of the standard 16-inch wheels. Again, they have been tested to ensure compatibility with the various electronics and handling systems of the Ranger.

In Australia, the Ranger Heavy Duty is available at AUD 49,990 (P 1,750,000~) adding some AUD 1,600 (P 56,000~) to a similarly-equipped Ranger 4x4 XL. Ford is also giving the option to upgrade the wheels and tires separately, and that costs AUD 500 or about P 17,500.

Would you want Ford Philippines to bring this bad boy in?

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  1. There may be a need to install an underrun protection bar. The rear bed us too high, considering the number of small sized cars running roughshod


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