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August 27, 2020

Don't Be Scammed: These are the Official Social Media Accounts of PH Car Companies

With lots of people doing their shopping (including for brand-new cars) online, scammers have now started to come out of the woodwork.

In today’s digital world, personal information is the new oil. While it can be useful in tailor fitting your entire online experience, it can also be stolen by cybercriminals who can use it for identity theft, fraud, or even public embarrassment.

It’s therefore important to protect your personal information.

Several carmakers have come up with warnings that these fake pages may offer promos that are not connected with any official offerings, and some may offer prizes in exchange for personal information. In both cases, these are not sanctioned by the carmaker. Some have even gone so far as to seek legal action against these fake social media pages.

For legitimate promos and offers, it’s best to keep in mind these official social media pages:

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