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September 8, 2020

This Mitsubishi Pickup Looks Awfully Familiar

Do you remember the Mitsubishi Fuzion? For a time, it was touted as an alterative to the then newly-launched Toyota Innova nameplate way back in 2005. Well, you’d be surprised that 15 years on, it’s still alive, spawning this rather odd-looking pickup truck too.

Known by its original name, “Zinger” (Mitsubishi PH decided to change the name locally due to the name’s association with a certain spicy chicken sandwich), the Fuzion/Zinger was actually designed by Taiwan-based China Motor Corporation. It rode on the original Montero Sport’s platform and used a 2.4-liter gasoline engine.

Now, while the Philippine Fuzion joined the giant parking lot in the sky way back in 2014 (it had a good 7-year run), in Taiwan, it’s still being sold, apparently. In fact, it’s undergone a facelift and with that, a brand-new derivative: a pick-up truck called the Zinger Pickup.

The Zinger Pickup is basically the same Fuzion/Zinger MPV with everything from the B-pillar onwards chopped off (it even uses the MPV’s coil spring rear suspension). Even the space-age interior is pretty much the Fuzion’s with just a more somber black color scheme.

The resulting two-seater pickup truck measures in at a relatively compact 4.660 meters (wheelbase is at 2.720 meters). Yet, the bed itself is quite large measuring in at 1.703 meters in length and 1.462 meters in width—that’s longer than the current Hilux Double Cab’s 1.645-meter bed.

Powered by Mitsubishi’s long-serving 2.4-liter 4G69 MIVEC engine, the Zinger Pickup generates a respectable 136 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque mated to a 5-speed automatic. Sadly though, its payload capacity is quite limited: maxing out at just 710 kilograms.

Before you start craving for chicken sandwiches or this odd pickup truck, it’s important to know that there’s zero chance of the Zinger Pickup truck reaching local shores. This serves as Mitsubishi’s sole pickup truck offering in Taiwan since the L200/Strada/Triton isn’t sold there. Suffice to say, seeing this could serve as an inspiration for those who’re looking to revive their Fuzion MPV and turn it into a project car of sorts.

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