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September 8, 2020

Yes, That's the 2021 Toyota Hilux's Front-End on a Fortuner

When Toyota launched the all-new Fortuner way back in 2016, some thought that the design looked a bit too effeminate. And while a refresh this year did toughen the looks a tad, there are still those who wanted something tougher. At these times, the aftermarket scene always obliges.

LK Auto Accessories based in Thailand can now convert 2016-2020 Model Year Fortuner SUVs to take on the Hilux Rocco (Philippine market Conquest)’s front-end. Yup, you read that right. The conversion is rather extensive, replacing among a lot of things the headlights, grille, front fender, and bumper. The end result though is nothing short of amazing as the Fortuner does manage to look like the North American Toyota 4Runner.

The shop doesn’t say how much the conversion costs, but they say they only use genuine parts and paint for the entire process (we reckon it’ll be fairly expensive). Still, it looks to be a straightforward process, and this could serve as an inspiration for current Fortuner owners who want something a bit more tougher-looking.

This Hilux front-end conversion for the Fortuner is just one of the crazier projects of LK Auto Accessories. The shop mainly converts existing 2016-2020 Fortuners to the 2021 model (including the top-trim Legender down to the gauges), and the 2015-2020 Hilux to look like the 2021 Hilux.


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  3. Now we need a Hilux to Fortuner LTD frontend conversion...


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