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March 2, 2021

Ford PH Bumps Up Prices of Ranger, Territory Due to DTI Safeguard

Ford is the latest car manufacturer to bump up its prices thanks to the implementation of the DTI safeguard tariff. Effective this March 1, 2021, selected models have seen modest price increases.

According to Ford’s latest price list, selected variants of the Ranger and Territory are affected by the safeguard tariff. These are the newest prices:
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 XLS MT – P 1,155,000 (P 1,062,000 + P 93,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 XLS AT – P 1,215,000 (P 1,092,000 + P 123,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x4 XLS MT – P 1,304,000 (P 1,181,000 + P 123,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 XLT MT – P 1,299,000 (P 1,176,000 + P 123,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 XLT AT – P 1,330,000 (P 1,236,000 + P 94,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 FX4 MT – P 1,320,000 (P 1,256,000 + P 64,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x2 FX4 AT – P 1,380,000 (P 1,316,000 + P 64,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x4 FX4 MT – P 1,450,000 (P 1,356,000 + P 94,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.2 4x4 FX4 AT – P 1,510,000 (P 1,416,000 + P 94,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.0 Turbo 4x2 Wildtrak MT – P 1,480,000 (P 1,390,000 + P 90,000)
  • Ford Ranger 2.0 Turbo 4x2 Wildtrak AT – P 1,540,000 (P 1,455,000 + P 85,000)
  • Ford Territory 1.5T Trend – P 1,277,000 (P 1,199,000 + P 78,000)
The Ford Everest 2.0 Turbo Sport 4x2 also increased its price from P 1,868,000 to P 1,928,000 (a P 60,000 increase), but this is not yet due to the DTI safeguard tariff.

It’s clear that Ford Philippines has taken a hybrid approach in dealing with the safeguard tariff. While other carmakers have increased prices across the board, the American carmaker has decided to absorb a part of the value, no doubt to keep itself competitive in terms of price.

Since the safeguard duty only cover vehicles imported starting February 1, 2021, the prices of the rest of the Ford line-up remains stable for now. Expect though that once they deplete their current inventory, these may see similar prices increases.

Others, such as the North American Built-Up units and probably the Ranger Raptor and higher variants of the Everest won’t be affected by the safeguard duties since the DTI ruled that vehicles with an FOB value of USD 25,000 (for passenger cars) and USD 28,000 (for light commercial vehicles) are exempt.


  1. Why do the Everest Trend and Territory Titanium have no price increase due to safeguard tariff?

    1. Because they're enough stocks so far that the existing inventory is not hit by the safeguard tariff.

  2. These are supposed to be deposits that the buyers should be able to get back after 200 days have lapsed.

    So Ford Ph made these price increase instead of declaring as deposits or cash bonds, which the buyers should be able to refund if ever DTI cancels the safeguard duties.

    Buyers should be aware that it has to itemized so they could refund it later if ever.

    1. Strategy-wise, it varies per carmaker. Some have decided to do the refundable deposit route that you mentioned, some have decided to increase their prices due to the safeguard tariff. Some have decided (so far) not to do anything at all.


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