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March 23, 2021

Work From Home? The Sony SC-1 Enables You to Drive From Home

Sony’s driverless car just completed its first test by successfully ferrying passengers in Guam, while it was driven by remote over 2,500 kilometers away in Tokyo using a 5G network.

The Sony SC-1 uses Sony image cameras mounted on the front, rear, and sides. Exceeding human vision, they capture high-resolution video of the vehicle’s entire perimeter. It also packs high sensitivity sensors such as ultrasonic sensors and LIDAR meaning that it can be driven at night without the need for headlights.

Video and sensor data were sent real time to a Sony office in Tokyo, where it was driven remotely thanks to 5G’s low latency, large capacity, and high-speed connectivity. For the test, the network was provided by DOCOMO.

The Sony SC-1 was first announced in 2019 as a partnership with Yamaha. Using a DC electric motor, it can travel up to 20 km/h. It also boasts of a front double wishbone and rear link-type suspension. It can carry five passengers at any given time.

The SC-1 was developed solely for the purpose of providing a new mobility experience, and will not be made available for sale.

According to Sony and DOCOMO, the demonstration proves that cross-border operation of vehicles is possible. This is expected to enable global mobility services that benefit from personnel working in various time zones.

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