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March 20, 2021

Suzuki PH Launches Ecstar Engine Oil Line

Suzuki Philippines, Inc. is committed to giving its customers the best value-for-money experience which now extends beyond the purchase of a brand-new automobile or motorcycle. With Ecstar, Suzuki’s genuine engine oil, owners are guaranteed a lower cost of ownership as well.

The Suzuki Ecstar engine oil comes with three main benefits:
  • Fuel Savings – the formulation meets and highest fuel economy standards for Suzuki engines. With that, owners can expect improvements in fuel consumption of up to 5 percent.
  • Outstanding Engine Protection – the innovative lubrication technology achieves thermal stability, delivering the ultimate engine protection even during cold start-ups.
  • Clean Engine for Longer Life – the formulation extends engine life by preventing sludge and deposit build-up.
The Ecstar engine oil comes in automobile, motorcycle, and marine engine applications—offering protection to all of Suzuki’s product offerings in the market.

For automobiles, two variants are available: the F7000 5W-30 semi-synthetic engine oil and the F9000 0W-20 fully-synthetic engine oil. Currently, the Ecstar F9000 is available at all authorized Suzuki dealerships with a price of P 570 per liter (it comes only in 1-liter bottles), with the Ecstar F7000 coming soon.

For motorcycles, it comes in three formulations. The R9000 10W-40 4T MA2 (Part # 990PH-21010-001) is perfect for Suzuki’s big bikes, but can also be used on backbone and underbone bikes. It is priced at P 550 per 1-liter bottles. Meanwhile, there’s the R5000 4T 10W-40 MA (Part # 990PH-21DB0L0MA) is a mineral oil blend that can be used for all types of motorcycles—big bikes, underbones, and scooters. It is priced at P 190 per 1-liter bottles. Finally, there’s the R5000 10W-40 MB (Part # 990PH-21DB0L0MB) that’s designed for Suzuki’s scooter line. It’s priced at P 230 per 1-liter bottles.

For 4-stroke outboard marine engine applications, there’s the Ecstar 10W-30 mineral oil which meets the SAE or NMMA FC-W grade. It’s priced at P 395 per 1-liter bottle.

Suzuki Ecstar engine oils are now available at all Suzuki automobile, motorcycle, and marine engine dealerships and service centers nationwide.

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