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March 27, 2021

Here's What You Can Expect with ECQ Season 2 from March 29 to April 11 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The ECQ has been extended from April 4 to April 11. The dates have been changed in the story to reflect the changes. (4/3).

It feels like a nightmare, but Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal is back to the strictest Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ effective 12:00 AM of Monday, March 29, 2021 to 11:59 PM of Sunday, April 11. This, after the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Unlike Metro Manila’s previous trip to ECQ-land, the IATF has revised the guidelines. Here’s what you can expect:
  • No malls except for essential stores such as groceries, pharmacies, and hardware.
  • Restaurants are closed except for takeout and delivery only.
  • Businesses with full operational capacity
    • Public and private hospitals
    • Health, emergency, and frontline services, manufacturing of medicine, medical equipment
    • Agriculture, forestry fishery workers including farmers
    • Delivery and courier services of essential goods such as food and medicine
    • Public and private construction projects deemed essential.
  • Businesses not allowed to operate:
  • Businesses with 50 percent operating capacity: 
    • Private establishments catering to essential goods and services
    • Media establishments (based on total permanent staff complement); workers accredited by the DOTr.
  • Businesses with skeletal workforces: 
    • Dental clinics, optometry clinics, pharmacies, drug stores
    • Veterinary clinics
    • Banks and money transfer services
    • Telecommunications companies including internet service providers, cable television providers
    • Manufacturing companies and suppliers necessary to perform construction works such as cement and steel
    • Funeral and embalming services
    • Security personnel
    • Real-estate (limited to leasing only)
    • Capital markets such as PSE, SEC, PDTC
    • Water supply and sanitation services/facilities
    • Energy and power companies, including gasoline stations
    • Airlines, airline maintenance, pilots and crew
    • Post offices, BPOs, printing presses
    • Humanitarian assistance personnel from civil society organizations, NGOs, UN-Humanitarian Country Teams
    • Export businesses
    • Repair of machinery and equipment such as household fixtures, computers
  • Curfew is set at 6 PM to 5 AM except for APORs, cargo vehicles, and public transportation.
  • Public transportation, whether road, rail, maritime, and aviation is allowed to operate following capacities and protocols set by the DOTr (check here for the full guidelines).
  • Strict home quarantine for all households except for APORs, work in allowed industries and offices, and those accessing essential goods/services. 
  • Not allowed to go out are below 18 years old or above 65 years old, pregnant women, people with immunodeficiencies (except when accessing basic goods and services or for work at allowed industries and offices).
  • Travel for leisure purposes is prohibited, and with that, all staycation activities are suspended.
  • No travel or quarantine passes will be issued, but checkpoints will strictly enforce APOR-only travel.
Here is the full list of allowable businesses/industries that can operate under ECQ:


  1. Hi, What about government offices? Like LTO.

    1. Still waiting for which government offices will be open.

  2. How about those who are services of their partners for example I am going to go with my wife to her Office because commuting is very difficult and dangerous? is it okay?

    1. Technically, you're an APOR so that's okay...but you're subject to the longer curfew. So, you can't go out at 6 PM just to pick her up.

  3. My daughter who is 6yrs old is clinically diagnosed with tb, can we go out for her monthly checkup?

    1. Yes. You're allowed since you're accessing a basic service.

  4. Pwede po ba mag angkas ng kawork sa motor o hindi?

    1. Angkas is allowed again (kahit motorcycle taxi pwede)...pero both of you subject being APOR.

    2. paano po pag isa sainyo ang apor yung isa hinde apor? at mag hahatid lang

  5. How about POGOs? Are they allowed to operate and are considered APORs?

  6. Is repair of vehicles a non-essential service?

    1. Per DTI, no. That cannot operate under ECQ. Machinery is classified differently from automotive. Machinery can operate under skeletal, but automotive cannot.

  7. what is the fines for non essential business operating under ecq?

  8. Pwede po ba pumunta ng palengke ng naka-bike, 18 years old naman po yun pupunta.

  9. Pwede po ba mag travel from Caloocan to Pasay? Online seller po ako and magdeliver sana sa Pasay.. Naka motor po .. And driver ang asawa ko tas angkas ako.. Thankyou

  10. Kung pupunta po ng makati bukas OFW po magpaappointment at magpasa ng mga requirements sa agency for medical pwede po ba angkas?


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