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March 2, 2021

This Doctor is Still in Love with His 24-Year Old Mitsubishi L300

The car ownership experience is like a love affair—you choose a vehicle that matches your needs and personality. And when tender loving care becomes mutual, the vehicle chooses to give you years of service and reliability.

This is what Dr. Ronald Anthony Fernandez, an L300 Versa Van owner for 10 years, has experienced with his reliable family ride. “I own a 1997 Mitsubishi L300 Versa Van gas variant which we bought in 2011,” shares the 51-year-old dentist. “We didn’t plan to buy a van but my patient offered it to me at a very good price so we decided to acquire it because we needed the space for family outings. We were using the Mitsubishi Space Wagon at that time and my family outgrew the MPV.”

Despite the need for a more versatile van for his family, Doc Ronald kept his sights on Mitsubishi to have the right vehicle for his needs. “My first impression about Mitsubishi was when I was 9-years old,” recalls Doc Ronald. “My father bought a Celeste and me and my brothers fell in love with it! This is the reason I chose a Mitsubishi Lancer Box Type GSR when I bought my first car. And that is why we also have a Montero Sport now, because we believe that it is still a brand we can rely on!”

As an avid Mitsubishi owner, Doc Ronald has seen how the brand has progressed in providing its customers the vehicles that fit their lifestyles. “The thing I like the most about Mitsubishi is it always makes a vehicle that caters to the needs of the consumer! They bend edges to give us the best,” explains the father of two. And true enough, the Mitsubishi L300 has become a staple in the good dentist’s garage.

“My main considerations in choosing a vehicle to buy are: one, parts availability; two, reliability; third, price; and finally, comfort, “shares Doc Ronald. And over the years, his L300 has been a shining example of all these attributes. “Mitsubishis are reliable work horses! Until now, this fact is still very much proven by my 1997 L300 Versa Van,” adds the driver of 30 years.

While the iconic L300 Versa Van has already been supplanted by the more utilitarian and updated Euro IV-compliant L300 Cab and Chassis, the nameplate’s iconic status remains to be its main appeal to pragmatists. Everything that Doc Ronald appreciated from his trusty L300 van has been thoroughly upgraded in the current L300.

A new 2.2-liter 16-valve turbocharged diesel engine now produces 99 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque. Thanks to 40 percent more torque than before, it can carry payloads of 1,215 kilograms.

The cab now sits higher, owing to the space needed to accommodate the new engine. And creature comforts such as an updated head unit, dual air-conditioning, and larger rear combination lamps all add up to a safer and more modern platform that rolls with the times.

In today’s configuration the Mitsubishi L300 now benefits from more structural rigidity. And while its looks have not changed much over the decades, it’s phenomenal sales figures to this day is a testament to the enduring qualities of reliability and dependability that Mitsubishi has endowed it with. Something Doc Ronald and his family know all too well.

Seldom do you find a vehicle that ticks the right boxes. But when you do, it is difficult to fathom ever letting go. For Doc Ronald and his family, owning a Mitsubishi is an experience worth reliving for generations to come.

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