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December 3, 2021

Mazda Bumps Up Power, Torque In Turbocharged Skyactiv-G Engine For 2022

Mazda is certainly finding ways to unlock more power and torque in their Skyactiv family of engines whether it be diesel (they’ve even come up with a retrofit power boost program) or the normally-aspirated gas. And now, they’ve extended their efforts to the 2.5-liter Skyactiv Turbo gasoline engine as well.

Buried deep in the spec sheet of the 2022 CX-5, the Japanese carmaker has been able to boost the maximum output of its forced induction motor (at least when using 93 octane fuel) to 256 horsepower and 434 Nm of torque—a six horsepower and 14 Nm jump from 2021 figures. Figures remain the same when using regular unleaded fuel.

No news on how Mazda was able to unlock the added power, but it’s likely down to a couple of ECU tweaks.

On the surface, this announcement may have little meaning for the Philippine market where the Skyactiv-D serves as the CX-5’s top-of-the-line trim. However, Mazda does have plans to expand the availability of the revised 2.5-liter Skyactiv-Turbo, it’ll likely make its debut in the CX-9 which is expected to get a refresh very soon.


  1. if there is a potential to unlock the power via ECU tweaks, what's the rationale it took them so long to figure out?

    1. I'm just guessing. We don't know if they changed anything mechanical until they explain what they've done with the engine.


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