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July 1, 2022

Isuzu Philippines Adds 2 New D-MAX Variants

Isuzu Philippines has quietly reshuffled its D-Max pickup truck line-up which sees the addition of two additional variants as well as the discontinuation others. Either way, this should please manual transmission enthusiasts as both the new variants come with a three-pedal set-up.

Towards the higher-end of the D-Max spectrum, the D-Max 3.0 LS 4x4 is now gone and in its place is the 3.0 LS-A 4x4. The “LS-Advance” variant sits where the LS used to be in the line-up (P 1,630,000).

Would-be owners of the LS-A 4x4 get the bi-LED headlamps—a feature that used to be exclusive to the top-of-the-line 3.0 LS-E. It also happens to get the same styling cues as the top-dog D-Max such as the gun metallic radiator grille, matte gray 18-inch alloy wheels, a load-bearing roof rail, and a bed liner.

However, it doesn’t get the LS-E’s automatic headlight leveling feature nor does it get LED front fog lamps. Instead, it makes do with a manual headlight leveler and halogen fog lights. The rear fog light is also missing in action.

Inside, the 3.0 LS-A 4x4 stays close to the previous LS variant in that it gets a urethane steering wheel, fabric seats, and a manual air conditioner.

The D-Max 3.0 LS-A 4x4 comes in four colors: Red Spinel, Galena Gray, Mercury Silver, and Splash White.

On the other end, there’s the single cab version of the D-Max 4x4. Compared to the single cab 4x2, this version gets thicker wheels (205R16C R 16 HT versus 195R15C) and a “high-riding” suspension. This ups the ground clearance to 220 mm or 25 mm higher than the single cab 4x2 and just 20 mm shy of the top-of-the-line LS-E.

It’s as bare as it’ll go, but get this, it’s the only variant to offer a rear limited slip differential (LSD). This feature isn’t even found in the top trims of the D-Max including the just-launched 3.0 LS-A 4x4 and even the 3.0 LS-E 4x4.

Speaking of engines, both of these new variants come with the 4JJ3-TCX engine that’s good for 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. The manual gearbox offers six forward ratios, and both share the same transmission code (MVL-6S).

Isuzu has also opted to discontinue the services of its RZ4E engine on most of the D-Max line-up with the exception of two fleet-oriented variants: the Single Cab & Chassis 4x2 and the 4x2 LT. This move sort-of lends credence to a statement made by Isuzu OE partner, Mazda on why they are not offering a smaller engine on their BT-50.

The D-Max Single Cab 3.0 4x4 is priced at P 1,113,000 or P 175,000 cheaper than the double cab 3.0 LT 4x4 (P 1,288,000).

Check out the revised D-Max line-up below:
  • RZ4E 4x2 Single Cab MT - P 857,000
  • RZ4E 4x2 LT MT - P 987,000
  • 3.0 4x4 Single Cab MT - P 1,113,000
  • 3.0 LT 4x4 MT - P 1,288,000
  • 3.0 LS-A 4x2 MT - P 1,320,000
  • 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT - P 1,390,000
  • 3.0 LS-A 4x4 MT - P 1,630,000
  • 3.0 LS-E 4x4 AT - P 1,825,000


  1. The Updated Versions of the D-Max LS RZ4E might be launched at the Philippine International Motor Show in September...

    1. Keane Calimlim Nope. I'm sure it will still lead to poor sales. Don't expect it coming in the near future.

  2. Would have preferred an LS-E 4x2.

  3. It's been more peaceful now since Uly required Google sign-ins to comment.

    • No more annoying gEeLy eMgRaNd agents spamming comments
    • Also, no more fans bugging RG about his dissatisfaction with Fords hahaha

  4. Quite confusing what in the world Isuzu PH did with the Single cab 4x4 (the he only one with rear differential lol) they don't even have it in the LS-E 4x4 (unlike Mazda giving you that one despite the BT-50 being a D-MAX derivative.)

  5. Interesting that Isuzu opted for an LSD with the 4x4 single cab. LSD is not as effective as a proper rear diff lock off road, but offers some marginal benefits on road while the rear diff lock doesn't. Other markets offer rear differential locks standard or rely on brake traction control completely instead of LSD. Same goes for the local market Strada; no LSD or diff lock for the TOTL 4x4 models (relies completely on the off road brake traction control), but the base model GL 4x4 uses the hybrid LSD Mitsu developed decades ago. Toyota PH is doing their 4x4 pickups right with standard rear differential locks.

  6. Love that mid trim ls-a's! Good job isuzu!

  7. The LS 4x4 mt has leather wrapped steering wheel sir uly, i believe its new look as converted to LS-A would get the same treatment as well, except the LS-A 4x2's.

    1. You're right about the LS having a leather steering wheel, but they removed that in the LS-A, including the 4x4:

    2. I see.. thanks for the clarification! Not of a big deal anyway, you're getting an LS-Eish look in return of not having a leather wrapped steering, i think there's a lot to be grateful for the would-be owners on the updated mid high dmax models.

  8. I think you are making a huge mistake not having LSD as standard equipment for all your trucks. I guess the people in planning never dropped a rear wheel in a hole miles from anyone who can help them.


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