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November 4, 2022

Jeep Lifestyle Shown With Wrangler, Gladiator Turned Campers

Life is built on milestones, each one more significant than the next, as we go through the cycles of change throughout the years. More than the successes in our careers, what makes the most indelible marks are the core moments that become engraved in our memories. This has, and always been, what Jeep stands for. As one of the pioneering brands that is defined by the thrill of adventure, Jeep has always envisioned itself to play the biggest supporting role in turning human passions into reality.

This was exactly what Jeep Philippines had in mind when it kicked off an epic outdoor cook-off at the Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campgrounds with the Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Gladiator. Teaming up with Overland Kings, one of the aftermarket industry’s most popular resource shops for off-roading and overlanding, Jeep Philippines suited up these iconic vehicles with fitments to highlight the talent of two of the most popular chefs in the country. From the beginning, it was clear that this was going to be no ordinary camping trip.

In collaboration with none other than the highly celebrated Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa, Hapag, and Cafe Batwan fame; and Ryan Morales Reyes, nicknamed “Ninong Ry,” one of the fastest growing culinary content creators in the country, Overland Kings turned the Jeep trucks into full-service mobile kitchens and in-camp on-ground sleeping facilities.

To show the versatility of a Jeep in a group camping adventure, the vehicles were fitted with kitchen systems by Mountain Mule — the Jeep-specific pull-out kitchen drawer for the Wrangler and the full-length drawer kitchen for the Gladiator that acted as grills and propane-powered stovetops. These on-board systems incorporate not only the actual cooking decks, but also mobile counters for food prep and washing. The capacity of the Jeep trucks was fully maximized in that the pull-out kitchen drawers can be tucked back into the cargo hold in a seamless flush.

Each Jeep truck was also built with a roof tent and awning for the full “glamping” experience to complement the outdoor gourmet culinary experience. iKamper tents and awnings were fitted atop each truck, depending on the size and roof deck capacity. This customization option allows the overlanding aficionado to enjoy the great outdoors, while bringing along the comfort and exclusivity that he and his family is accustomed to.

As the first of more to come, this cook-off collaboration takes to heart the energy of community and camaraderie. It demonstrates the versatility of a Jeep and how a little ingenuity and the right partnership and bring an idea to life, wherever it may be. More than simply a brand of automobiles that has grown with time, Jeep has designed a culture of evolution that has gone beyond the machine. It is one that revolves around the man that the machine was originally made for — creative, ever-changing, ambitious, and with an eye for adventure. This is only a glimpse of the things Jeep owners enjoy - living that Jeep life!

This is what every Jeep was created for; to support both the everyday grind and to take on the many aspects of life that the modern man can imagine. The Jeep life is, in fact, a life well-lived.

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