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Friday, November 3, 2023

Winners And Losers Of September 2023 Philippine New Car Sales Revealed

With some personnel changes over at CAMPI’s secretariat committee, it took us a while to get the September 2023 new car sales breakdown for the Philippine market. But as they say, better late than never.

Moving on to the actual figures, the joint report from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) indicates that 38,628 units new vehicles were sold in September—a 9.5 percent increase compared to the 35,282 units sold in the same month in 2022.

For the month of September, Toyota led all carmakers with 17,437 units sold (45.14 percent), followed by Mitsubishi in second with 7,626 (19.74 percent), and Ford in third with 3,391 (8.78 percent). Rounding out the Top 5 are Nissan with 2,164 (5.6 percent) and Suzuki with 1,669 (4.32 percent).

Check out the full breakdown.

Philippine New Car Sales for September 2023
  1. Toyota – 17,437 units (45.14 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 7,626 units (19.74 percent)
  3. Ford – 3,391 units (8.78 percent)
  4. Nissan – 2,164 units (5.6 percent)
  5. Suzuki – 1,669 units (4.32 percent)
  6. Isuzu – 1,529 units (3.96 percent)
  7. Honda – 1,202 units (3.11 percent)
  8. Hyundai – 819 units (2.12 percent)
  9. Kia – 509 units (1.32 percent)
  10. Foton – 419 units (1.08 percent)
  11. Geely – 379 units (0.98 percent)
  12. Chery – 301 units (0.78 percent)
  13. Hino – 270 units (0.7 percent)
  14. Mazda – 210 units (0.54 percent)
  15. GAC Motor – 203 units (0.53 percent)
  16. BMW – 120 units (0.31 percent)
  17. Fuso – 100 units (0.26 percent)
  18. JMC – 70 units (0.18 percent)
  19. Mercedes-Benz – 68 units (0.18 percent)
  20. Jaguar Land Rover – 59 units (0.15 percent)
  21. Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM – 31 units (0.08 percent)
  22. Volkswagen – 27 units (0.07 percent)
  23. Peugeot – 18 units (0.05 percent)
  24. Tata – 5 units (0.01 percent)
  25. IVECO – 2 units (0.01 percent)
Sales of passenger cars (PC) propelled the growth last month at 9,558 units, with a double-digit expansion of 19.8 percent from 7,976 units sold in September 2022. Meanwhile, commercial vehicle (CV) sales also went up by 6.5 percent year-on-year to 29,070 units from 27,306 units.

Check out the breakdown of the Top 10 best-selling Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle brands for September 2023:

Top 10 Best Selling Passenger Car Brands for September 2023
  1. Toyota – 4,758 units (49.78 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 2,268 units (23.73 percent)
  3. Suzuki – 893 units (9.34 percent)
  4. Nissan – 571 units (5.97 percent)
  5. Honda – 458 units (4.79 percent)
  6. Geely – 197 units (2.06 percent)
  7. BMW – 120 units (1.26 percent)
  8. Kia – 102 units (1.07 percent)
  9. Mercedes-Benz – 68 units (0.71 percent)
  10. Mazda – 57 units (0.6 percent)
Top 10 Best Selling Commercial Vehicle Brands for September 2023
  1. Toyota – 12,679 units (43.62 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 5,358 units (18.43 percent)
  3. Ford – 3,374 units (11.61 percent)
  4. Nissan – 1,593 units (5.48 percent)
  5. Isuzu – 1,529 units (5.26 percent)
  6. Hyundai – 819 units (2.82 percent)
  7. Suzuki – 776 units (2.67 percent)
  8. Honda – 744 units (2.56 percent)
  9. Foton – 419 units (1.44 percent)
  10. Kia – 407 units (1.4 percent)
Month-on-month percentage-wise, Jaguar Land Rover was the big winner in September with a 247 percent growth. Other winners were Volkswagen (up 69 percent), Foton (up 65 percent), BMW (up 50 percent), and Mazda (up 24 percent). And despite having a large base, Toyota sales are still up month-on-month by 5 percent, while Mitsubishi is up a whopping 15 percent. Ford? 10 percent. 

September losers? The most notable is Geely with a 44 percent drop as well as Peugeot with a 36 percent drop. Honda sales are also down 6 percent, as are Nissan (-2 percent), Chery (-7 percent)

Also, it is worth noting that Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM (CJDR) has moved from the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID) to CAMPI-TMA last September.

For the first nine months of 2023, CAMPI-TMA reports that new car sales are higher by 26.9 percent to 314,843 units from 248,154 units in the same period last year.

January to September passenger car sales increased by 33.2 percent to 80,009 units from 60,058 units, while commercial vehicle sales jumped 24.8 percent to 234,834 from 188,096 units.

Toyota has remained the best-selling brand in the country with a market share of 45.81 percent with Mitsubishi and Ford in second and third with an 18.44 percent and 7.33 percent market share respectively. Nissan is in fourth with 6.36 percent and Suzuki in fifth with 4.28 percent.

Check out the full ranking below:

Philippine New Car Sales January to September 2023
  1. Toyota – 144,232 units (45.811 percent)
  2. Mitsubishi – 58,065 units (18.433 percent)
  3. Ford – 23,091 units (7.334 percent)
  4. Nissan – 20,037 units (6.364 percent)
  5. Suzuki – 13,490 units (4.285 percent)
  6. Isuzu – 12,879 units (4.091 percent)
  7. Honda – 12,587 units (3.998 percent)
  8. Hyundai – 6,563 units (2.085 percent)
  9. Geely – 5,728 units (1.819 percent)
  10. Kia – 3,919 units (1.245 percent)
  11. Chery – 2,696 units (0.856 percent)
  12. Foton – 2,260 units (0.718 percent)
  13. Hino – 1,912 units (0.607 percent)
  14. Mazda – 1,571 units (0.499 percent)
  15. GAC Motor – 1,220 units (0.387 percent)
  16. BMW – 902 units (0.286 percent)
  17. JMC – 876 units (0.278 percent)
  18. Fuso – 758 units (0.241 percent)
  19. Mercedes-Benz – 695 units (0.221 percent)
  20. Others – 340 units (0.108 percent)
  21. Jaguar Land Rover – 319 units (0.101 percent)
  22. Peugeot – 233 units (0.074 percent)
  23. Volkswagen – 199 units (0.063 percent)
  24. Tata – 112 units (0.036 percent)
  25. MAN Trucks – 36 units (0.011 percent)
  26. Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM – 31 units (0.010 percent)
  27. IVECO – 29 units (0.009 percent)
  28. Kaicene – 26 units (0.008 percent)
  29. Chengdu Daiyun / Mahindra – 25 units (0.008 percent)
  30. Volkswagen Trucks & Buses – 7 units (0.002 percent)
  31. SsangYong – 5 units (0.002 percent)
The industry group targets to hit 423,000-unit sales this year.


  1. VW and PEUGEOT neck on neck on sales😁😁😁. Geely's overpriced azkarra and okrabanko dont sell anymore.

  2. Geely's offering here are already old/dated. Gx3 is an old model, azkarra, okrabanko even coolray already old. Updated 4 cylinder coolray has already been in other markets for a while.

  3. No stats for Subaru?

    1. Subaru isn't part of CAMPI. They're part of AVID which hasn't been publicly reporting member sales since...January of this year, I believe.

  4. Despite the introduction of GX3, the negative impact regarding the viral poor after-sales services of dealership(s) and (late or) inaction of Geely to settle the issues hurt them badly.....

    For VW Phils., parang tama nga yung pricing ng Tharu for its target market. Good luck and more power!

    1. Words cut like a knife, indeed. Speaking of the Tharu still, I find it ridiculous when youtube thumbnails show overjoyed people giving the impression that the car is a gift from heaven. Are they happy to pay the price for a unit?

  5. Lol, Volkswagen PR can't even spin this and say they sold hundreds of vehicles because they're 1 unit shy of 200. They only sold over a hundred vehicles in the span of 9 months, that's gotta sting for Wolfsburg. Selling well indeed...

    1. They could sell more if they open more branches, especially in metro manila. Owners in the metro solely depend on Greenfield for maintenance, as the AC Motors showroom in BGC has no service area

    2. VW already did that, they opened dealerships at Quezon Ave., Alabang, and Sta. Rosa, just to name a few, but they had to close those locations due to lack of business. I don't think they'll be trying that again, at least not anytime soon.

    3. Let's see once the Tharu sales kick in in a couple months' time. We can predict the outcome now but who knows? We might still be surprised. Painful as it is to watch, I'm hopeful VW will come out of this sales vacuum that they're in.

    4. Overpriced Tharu wont fly, its main attraction sunroof is thin, discouraging those who want a sunroof. Also lots of chinese competitors with better sunroof and low price - territory, tiggo 8 pro, changan cs 55, okrabanko, 3008, ashkara , also coolray.

  6. Who are the others - 340 units (0.108 percent)

    1. No indications as to who "others are." But noticed that in the latest September report, "others" was removed already.

  7. Despite better cars than Geely & Chery, GAC is languishing at the bottom... People in the marketing department better get replaced. Astara is not a good distributor their 2 brands are at the bottom!

    1. Gac wet dct not good, they should have sticked to aisin 6sped.

    2. People know GAC produce bad cars

  8. Suzuki and its overpriced bare vehicles (955k for a 15 year old APV GLX without ABS)
    Kia is still there because of the ancient Soluto and Stonic with its zero low downpayment plans.
    Isuzu is only in that place because of the overpriced underpowered Traviz.

  9. All in all, what are the best selling models from these car brands? Or the best selling model?

  10. What happened to Geely not only hurt the Brand but to the whole chinese brands as well.

    Is there an association for these Local Chinese distributors? It would be a big factor if they could unite at least in doing promotion and damage control.

    1. More than anything, there's an in-fighting between Chinese brands. All Chinese brands (at least their mainland bosses) want superiority in terms of sales instead of working together.

    2. fair enough. Still, local execs of these brands should step up and create one. Fil-Chi businesses have their chambers and associations here, they should look into it how things work.

  11. Astara focusing more on GAC than Peugeot, if only they would introduce the Landtrek, (408, 208, 308: as indent order) or bring back the 301 again

    1. 301 is permanently gone..Peugeot Philippines will only focus on SUVs and vans.
      Landtrek is expensive to bring in and sell to the Philippine market and there's a possibility that Changan Inchcape Philippines already got the dibs of bringing in the F70 pickup truck.

  12. Who are the remaining AVID members when most of them joined CAMPI?

    1. Their latest count includes (and updates on each one):

      Aston Martin (closed)
      Audi (doesn't report monthly sales)
      Bentley (doesn't report monthly sales)
      BYD (under old distributor)
      Changan (under old distributor)
      Ford (dual citizen)
      GAC (under old distributor)
      Hyundai Trucks & Buses
      JAC (dual citizen)
      Lamborghini (doesn't report monthly sales)
      Porsche (doesn't report monthly sales)
      Rolls Royce
      Suzuki (dual citizen)

    2. We hear that GWM might be joining AVID too...proves they've been living under a rock all this time.

    3. Is Aston Martin closed or will undergo new management?

    4. Unknown. But if you'd notice, the showroom on BGC is closed. Their service center on Pasong Tamo is now "for rent."

  13. Looks like we'll sell a lot of repossessed Vios,Wigo,Avanza,Rush,Innova and Veloz in the next few months then 😂
    Combined sales of Chery and Foton are still lower than Geely
    Foton relies mostly on fleet sales just like Isuzu.
    Chery Tiggo 5x Pro Comfort is selling very well.
    Geely is expected to improve its sales once the New Coolray and Geometry C EV are introduced in the local market next year.

    1. I wonder if Geely has crossed the difficult bridge and reformed itself and its management. It would be interesting to know what they are doing now and what direction they will take in the future.

    2. Starting mid-October up to now, they've been throwing huge discounts on all their models except for the GX3 Pro. We're talking about like P200K off the Azkarra and more than P150K off the Coolray.

    3. Huge cash discounts would help increase the sales of Coolray and Azkarra..Most likely they want those old units to be gone as the New Coolray and Starray are likely coming next year.
      Cash discounts for GX3 Pro is still the same.
      Emgrand S to Premium needs more larger cash discounts too.

    4. Even with huge discounts geely still pricy vs its chinese competitors who offered newer cars with more features and also offering big discounts.

  14. China car brands here ang usually na re repossessed kc after few months na re realized ng new owners na sirain pala, so dina binabayaran hangang ma remate.

    1. Mas marami ang Toyota at Mitsubishi vehicles mostly 2021 to 2023 na repossessed units sa bank warehouses at 2nd hand car dealerships nationwide.

    2. Definitely more Toyotas and Mitsubishis repossessed due to the sheer sales volume of those two brands alone. Would be very interesting if someone could come up with a sales-to-repo ratio for all car brands in our market.

  15. Ok, wtf is Mistubishi and Nissan actually selling???

    1. L300s, Mirage G4s...Navaras and Urvans.

    2. Nissan mainly relies on Navara,Terra and Urvan sales..MMPC sales are mostly Xpander,L300FB and Mirage G4.
      Isuzu mainly relies on Traviz and N Series trucks..Sales of D Max is low while MU-X sales are said to be very low.

    3. MU-X going upmarket didn’t jive with their durable, reliable, no-nonsense reputation — on top of the fact that this segment is very competitive.

  16. Replies
    1. They're neither a member of CAMPI nor AVID.

    2. MG sales has jump over the bridge

  17. Who's the biggest car manufacturer or should I say the top seller in AVID? from your opinion Sir Uly since they are not sharing their sales publicly?

    1. Ford and then Suzuki...we know this because they're also members of CAMPI. Aside from those two? Probably Subaru then Chevrolet.

  18. which brands are not members of either campi or avid?

  19. Replies
    1. Under their previous distributor, they were a member of AVID. A big question now is whether they'll also be moving to CAMPI.

  20. Some of popular models sales :
    Avanza/veloz 17k units
    Fortuner 12k units
    Yaris cross 4.2k units (3 month sales)
    Rush 7k units
    Raize 13k units

  21. Foton,Chery and Kia ain't gonna beat the annual sales volume of Geely for another two to three years.
    Geely Philippines is likely gonna start selling EV vehicles like the Panda Mini EV and Geometry C EV in the near future.
    Kia Philippines is likely to lose the Soluto and Stonic as Kia Yueda China plans to focus only on producing and selling EV vehicles..No successors planned for those vehicles.

  22. once proud Honda has been on a downward spiral since 2018. Only has itself to blame - coming up with overpriced models in the segments where it is competing


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