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December 19, 2023

Get Up To P 280K Off A Brand-New Subaru This December

Holding out on that brand-new Subaru? Well, this might be the bargain you’re looking for. This December, Motor Image Pilipinas, the brand’s exclusive distributor is offering various deals thanks to its financing partners: Maybank, BPI, and BDO. These offers come as straight cash discounts, free amortization, zero percent interest, and balloon payment schemes.

Customers opting for Maybank can get two months free amortization (20 percent down payment) on all models until December 31. This means you can buy a brand-new Subaru and start paying next year!

Meanwhile, for BPI financing customers, you can get to enjoy zero percent interest on selected models for up to 60 months installment. This offer is valid until January 15, 2024. Check out the applicable models:
  • MY2023 Forester – P 45,617 per month for 24 months
  • MY2023 Outback – P 104,167 per month for 12 months
  • MY2022 WRX Sedan MT – P 52,250 per month for 24 months
  • MY2022 WRX Wagon – P 53,292 per month for 24 months
  • MY2024 Crosstrek iL – P 16,650 per month for 60 months
Finally, for BDO, you can now grab lower monthly amortization thanks to a balloon payment option good for up to 36 months. The minimum balloon payment requires just 30 percent of the total loan amount making this the most convenient and affordable way to own a brand-new Subaru:
  • MY2023 Forester – P 29,353 per month
  • MY2023 Forester GT – P 31,225 per month
  • MY2023 Evoltis – P 53,290 per month
  • MY2023 Outback – P 34,855 per month
  • MY2023 BRZ MT – P 36,713 per month
  • MY2023 BRZ AT – P 38,152 per month
  • MY2023 WRX tS Sedan – P 43,755 per month
  • MY2023 WRX tS Wagon – P 42,891 per month
  • MY2023 WRX Sedan MT – P 37,562 per month
  • MY2023 WRX Sedan CVT – P 39,722 per month
  • MY2023 WRX Wagon – P 38,283 per month
  • MY2022 WRX Sedan MT – P 34,250 per month
  • MY2022 WRX Sedan CVT – P 36,410 per month
  • MY2022 WRX Wagon – P 34,970 per month
  • MY2024 Crosstrek iL – P 24,744 per month
  • MY2024 Crosstrek iS – P 26,905 per month
Finally, if you’re going for cash, enjoy the following discounts for a limited time:
  • MY2023 Forester – P 130,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,038,000)
  • MY2023 Forester GT – P 130,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,168,000)
  • MY2023 Evoltis – P 80,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 3,700,000)
  • MY2023 Outback – P 80,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,420,000)
  • MY2022 WRX Sedan MT – P 130,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,378,000)
  • MY2022 WRX Sedan CVT – P 130,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,528,000)
  • MY2022 WRX Wagon – P 130,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 2,428,000)
  • MY2024 Crosstrek iL – P 280,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 1,718,000)
  • MY2024 Crosstrek iS – P 150,000 cash discount (net SRP: P 1,868,000)


  1. Prospective Subaru Forester buyers, the Honda CR-V is waving...

  2. Been seeing a lot of gray market sellers of Subaru of late offering north of 500k discounts. Dunno what’s happening there!

    1. Im curious as well.

      "Direct Invoice" daw. Meaning?

      Lowest I saw for wrx sendan tS and wrx wagon were Php2.2M and Php1.9M respectively.

    2. Also saw at least 2 different chinoys in a well-off community doing that "brand new, direct invoice" sales wayyyy below SRP. I remember both WRX and BRZ around 2m mark. Crazy. Did Subaru overstock or are they exiting the market?

  3. Getting rid of old foresters the new one is about to come out

  4. Uly, any idea whether 2024 MY Forester 2.0i-S is any different from 2023 MY?


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