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December 13, 2023

After Just 3 Years, The Honda e Is Being Discontinued

Just three years after it hit showrooms, Honda is pulling the plug on its retro-styled battery electric hatchback, the Honda e.

Hit by a high starting price in its primary market of Europe and a meager range of just 220 kilometers due to a small lithium-ion battery, the Honda e never reached its even modest annual sales target of 10,000 units. Sales peaked in 2021 with 3,436 and then declined to 2,110 a year later.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Honda posted the following statement on its official website:

Honda eは、2024年1月をもって生産終了いたします。
生産分が売り切れ次第、Honda eは販売終了となります。

Translated, it reads:

Production of the Honda e will end in January 2024. Honda e will be discontinued once the production run is sold out.

When the Honda e debuted in 2019, it combined a retro-styled exterior with a tech-laden interior filled with screens. It managed to win several awards including the Red Dot Design Award and German Car of the Year, both in 2020.

Despite the Honda e’s short shelf life, it spearheaded Honda’s electrification strategy. It spawned vehicles such as the Honda e:N1 (e:Ny1 in Europe) which offered a more sellable crossover platform and a longer range. By January 2024, Honda will debut a family of new global BEVs at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES.


  1. BYD Dolphin,BYD Atto 3,GWM ORA 3 and MG4 are miles better and more value for money than the overpriced Honda e
    There's nothing prestigious about the Honda brand as its a maker of lawnmowers,generators,motorcycles and cars.

    1. They're the makers of the highly capable Type R and NSX though

    2. Not me, I hate chinese cars and Honda is the most prestigious brand in the world. Just my 1 million cents.

    3. It means you cant afford a honda

  2. Honda e can best be described in 3 ways 1. LIMITED RANGE (160km-220km) and takes 19 hours to charge at home, 2. HIGH PRICE tag (P1.74M to P1.9M equivalent) and 3. there are cute retro styled cars but this one is UGLY like a bar of soap with fabric seats and a ridiculously long dashboard display stretching all the way to the passenger side (subjective). No wonder it sold so little as it did. Honda with its tech and reputation can do a lot better than offering this kind of mediocre cars.

  3. if Honda offered the E with a longer range more people would have probably bought it......The car had great reviews, but the range is just terrible, Honda's plan of marketing this car as an urban roundabout with a measly 137mi range didn't bode well for them. In a segment where range is probably one of the BIGGEST deal for buyers, as range anxiety is still one of the common concerns


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