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December 5, 2023

WTF Is A Jaecoo?!

When Omoda and Jaecoo, collectively known as O&J, announced their entry into the Philippine market, most of the attention went to Omoda; and rightfully so, because it’s being positioned as their youth-oriented volume driver brand. But what about Jaeoo? What in the world is it?

At the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show, Jaecoo was launched as Chery Auto’s off-road brand. The name itself is an amalgam (Chinese brands seem to love a lot of these) of Jaeger (Hunter in German) and Cool (Cool in English). In short, Jaecoo literally means “Cool Hunter.”

Now, Jaecoo has revealed its so-called guiding philosophy: “From Classic, Beyond Classic.” On the surface, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but in actuality, what Jaecoo wants is to “reevaluate the unique allure of a new era of off-road SUVs” (their words, not ours).

According to the brand, technology, R&D, supply chain systems, and manufacturing will all play important roles in Jaecoo. And that’s perfect, because Jaecoo’s parent company is Jaguar Land Rover’s JV partner in China. To that end, they basically admit to have accumulated decades of automotive production experience from the British.

Thanks to that, the Jaecoo J7, their first-ever vehicle, they’ve managed to implement their ARDIS All-Terrain Intelligence System. This gives it a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that’s “adaptable to varying road conditions.” On top of that, it’s got selectable drive modes with seven presets that integrate not just the all-wheel drive, but the brake-by-wire, steering, engine, and transmission systems too.

All the systems, including the infotainment, is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. Quoting what chip you have powering your car may sound like quoting a smartphone brochure, but there’s a reason behind the madness. It allows for an ultra-quick two-second boot-up and could handle 20 commands in around 30 seconds. And this is important because “digital” best describes the Jaecoo J7’s experience. it’ll come with an expansive panoramic touchscreen-based man-machine interface with a heads-up display. It also powers the high-resolution 540-degree panoramic camera.

Backing all this tech up, Jaecoo says their compact SUV will offer excellent approach and departure angles, ground clearance, and even wading depth. It’s also built to 5-star global NCAP safety standards.

Now, Jaecoo envisions itself to become a brand that’s “beyond the car” (again their words, not ours). So in the branding and marketing front, they’ll have a variety of merch such as tents, jackets, and heck, even golf bags. Sorry, no doughnuts.

So, by combining traditional manufacturing techniques born out of its joint ventures (From Classic), Jaecoo is poised to build on that by piling up the tech while also offering a more tailored ownership experience (Beyond Classic).

Do you see Jaecoo offering an urban off-road SUV experience to be something unique in the Philippines? Let’s see as the brand’s poised to enter the market in the first half of 2024.


  1. I always misread the name as Jaecool for some reason.

  2. Mag pa jaecool ka naman

  3. Rebadged Chery SUVs.
    Seems like it's meant to compete with the Haval and Tank SUVs of GWM while Omoda is Chery's answer to MG

  4. Chery shows no faith in their main brand they create small useless brands that confuse the market

    1. Xiaomi strategy. Ganyan talaga style ng intsik

  5. Its funny because j co the donut brand used to have j cool on their menu.

  6. They make excellent donuts. Good that they expanded to cars...

  7. I think it will take awhile for this brand to gain sales since a lot of offroad enthusiasts appreciate the ruggedness and dependability of the usual vehicles (ie: hilux, LCs, jimnys). Yung mga Jeeps naman or Land Rovers have a lot of modifications na pwede mong gawin which is another appeal na hindi magawa ng Jaecoo at the moment. Perhaps if it markets its cars not as offroad vehicles, but more of as lifestyle oriented SUVs like the CRV/Okavango/CX-60 then I can see it do pretty well.

  8. The name "Jaecoo" is nothing but a lame marketing trick to make you think this brand is Korean. This is the same case for Omoda, it wants to give the impression that it is Japanese.

    No wonder they're under the same company.

  9. Same with the now bankrupt EV wastemaster that pretended to be a UK brand sound name.

  10. Definitely this company is going nowhere in the Philippines. They are expecting too much Hi as if they are the best china brand. And If you check the specs of all its model it's has similarities with Chery Vehicles. And yet they are planning to price between 1.4m to 1.6M. they are dead even before they arrived.

  11. Nothing beats Japanese cars, PICK UPS and SUV'S been around for decades.

  12. Omoda and Jaecoo aren't expected to beat its sister brand Chery in terms of annual sales in the Philippine market
    Omoda and Jaecoo are likely to sell hundreds of units a year in the local market as its positioned as a modern sporty and premium Chinese SUV brand in the Philippine market.
    Omoda won't be selling the Omoda S5 Sedan in the Philippine market as its sister brand Chery Arrizo 5 didn't sell well in the Philippine market before even if its a below 2 Million Peso EV sedan.

  13. So if its Jaeger + Cool, shouldn't it be more fitting to be named as Jaecool?


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