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October 24, 2017

6 Reminders to Motorcycle Riders This Rainy Season

Rainy days present many challenges to motorists. Besides the trouble of getting drenched by the downpour, heavy rains cause floods in many areas in and around the metro, worsening the already daunting traffic situation. Long lines at train and bus stations snaking through the street further compress packed roads and contribute to the slow flow of traffic.

In line with its road safety campaign, MDPPA Road Safety Committee Chairman Jacinto Cadugo shares some tips about how to stay safe and enjoy the ride during these rainy days.

#1. Wear proper rain gear. Avoid getting soaked as this can distract from driving. Soaked clothes can also cause illness. Wear proper helmet, with the visor protecting the face. Also wear bright-colored rain gear with reflectors to increase visibility on the road.

#2. Check the motorcycle before leaving. Make sure the motorcycle is in good condition. In particular, inspect the tires to ensure they are not worn out and can tackle the wet roads ahead.

#3. Be mindful of the road conditions and other vehicles. When it rains, avoid the painted lines on the road as these become more slippery. Also avoid rainbow-colored sections of the road, which contain oil, and are, therefore, extra slippery. Always watch out for manholes, puddles and other road obstructions that may increase the risk of accidents. In addition, keep a safe distance from other vehicles to ensure a good enough braking distance.

#4. Stay protected from outside forces. Always keep the headlights and the tail lights on to be easily seen by other vehicles. As helmets do not have wipers, spraying water-repellent solution on the visor can help guard visibility against the heavy rain.

#5. Know when to stop. When lightning strikes, stop riding. Head for the nearest cover but do not stop under a tree.

#6. Stay alert. Make sure to have enough sleep before driving, especially if it is a long ride. If sleepy, stop at a nearby store or coffee place to rest and power up before resuming the ride.

Riding under the rain can be fun but only when one is well-equipped and prepared to do so. In the event of an accident or any emergency while on the road, dial 117 to alert the Philippine National Police (PNP) or 320 to call the road emergency hotline of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

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