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October 14, 2017

Japanese Steel Scandal Spreads to Tires, Engine, Transmission Components

After triggering the largest scandal to befall the Japanese steel industry, beleaguered steelmaker Kobe Steel has admitted that its “inappropriate actions” has spread to more than just aluminum components.

In a statement through Bloomberg via Automotive News, Kobe Steel has confirmed that it has also falsified quality certification data on more products including iron powder products, steel wires, and materials used in the manufacture of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and optical discs.

Declining to offer more information, Kobe Steel has already informed its customers about the issue and has been resolved. The steel wires with falsified quality certification data was used on car engines and tires with the iron powder products were used on components such as gears.

The scandal revolving Kobe Steel has affected more than 200 companies including all major Japanese carmakers, the producers of Japan’s bullet trains, and even makers of computer hard drives. That said, there has been no reports of product recalls over safety concerns yet.

Source: Automotive News

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