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October 11, 2017

UPDATED: Japanese Car Makers Rocked by Potentially Substandard Metal Parts

UPDATE 2: Toyota, Honda, Mazda confirm that their cars are safe (10/21).

UPDATE 1: Components affected now offer engine, transmission, and tires too (10/14).

After explosive Takata airbag inflators, Japanese carmakers are potentially facing a huge crisis this time involving the use of substandard steel on their body parts.

In a report from Automotive News, Japanese carmakers including Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda are all currently investigating whether falsely labeled products produced by Kobe Steel may impact the safety of their cars.

Kobe Steel, Japan’s third-largest steelmaker has admitted to falsifying data related to strength and durability on some of their aluminum and copper products which were used on aircraft, cars, and maybe even a space rocket.

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have all issued separate statements saying that Kobe Steel may have been used on hoods and doors which may affect the protection of occupants and pedestrians. They have reiterated through that materials supplied to factories outside Japan are not affected.

Meanwhile, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki, and Subaru are all checking to see which of their vehicles used Kobe Steel products and if there is an impact on their safety.

Kobe Steel delivered the falsely labeled products to more than 200 companies which may also include American carmakers such as General Motors and Ford who are also customers of the Japanese steel manufacturer.

The fabrication of figures was found at all 4 of Kobe Steel's local aluminum plants in a “conduct that was systematic,” revealed Kobe Steel Executive Vice President Naoto Umehara. Some of these practices dated back almost a decade.

Source: Automotive News


  1. There goes the myth of Japanese quality

  2. Oh Mr mazda fanboy. Ano masasabi mo ngayon sa pinagyayabang mong made in japan?

    1. Despite this issue, there hasn't been any reports of problems that are related to this issue. Anyway, maybe you're just bitter and envious that you cannot buy a Mazda because you cannot afford to compromise, which leads you to buy a boring appliance car.

    2. Damn, that burn. Also, even the Americans have been supplied with these metal parts. Not justifying, just getting the facts straight.

    3. Lol. Mazda fanboy got hurt so what better way to retaliate than to show who has the bigger d*ck just because he/she can afford a "Mazda" car.

      Ok na akong lumang kotse, hindi naman pikon :)

      Flamesuit: On

    4. I just stated some facts and I correctly assumed that you drive a boring appliance car. :)


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